Passthru: Monitoring HTTP traffic via a very simple proxy implementation with Zuul

Passthru: Monitoring HTTP traffic via a very simple proxy implementation with Zuul

Once upon a time, there was a tool named TCPMon to inspect HTTP traffic, which was very handy for debugging web services(SOAP and other… Passthru: Monitoring HTTP traffic via a very simple proxy ... while implementing a Simple Proxy server using Spring Boot+Zuul +Kotlin. You can ...

Once upon a time, there was a tool named TCPMon to inspect HTTP traffic, which was very handy for debugging web services(SOAP and other HTTP services). Basically it acted as a proxy forwarding the traffic to the target service while recording requests / responses and displaying via a Swing UI. It was a lifesaver for many projects that I’ve worked in.

Unfortunately TCPMon is not maintained anymore and it’s not very convenient to use in a containerized environment. Moreover I couldn’t find a simple plug&play alternative for the same purpose . For sure proxies like Nginx or HAProxy can easily monitor and log requests, but I didn’t find them very handy to configure for development. (I also found the Lua config a bit daunting to be honest)

First Attempt: Servlet

So I decided to give a shot implementing a very simple proxy using Spring Boot+Kotlin. My initial idea was implementing a simple servlet to forward requests to a target host(which is passed as an environment variable, so it’d be easy to configure in a Docker compose environment as well). The servlet would log the requests to console while the traffic is passing through. That’s why I named it Passthru.

The Passthru Servlet was expected to process the incoming Http Request, recreating, dispatching, handling the response and logging handling all the encoding, headers, parameters and payload stuff. I wasn’t really comfortable with implementing all of l these by myself. These should be already solved by someone else who has more time and commitment than me.

Zuul Gateway

Therefore I continued to dig a little more and came across Zuul by Netflix. I heard Zuul as an API Gateway but did not have a chance to try. Basically Zuul is an application level gateway and fortunately has direct integration with Spring. Moreover, Zuul provides a RequestContext object that enables developers to store request scoped data (in a Thread Local object).

I created a PassthruContext classes to record request response info which are as follows:

All I need to do seemed so simple:

  1. Implement a pre-filter to intercept requests and record it in the context.
  2. Implement a post-filter to handle responses and record in the context.
  3. Log the PassthruContext (to the console)

Of course, it did not go as smoothly as I expected in the beginning. There were some hurdles that I had to tackle on the way. In the next sections I will go over the steps along with the glitches I had to address.

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