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Alexis Gilbert


Performance Management System: Client Case Study

Employees are the backbone of any organisation. Handling and managing them well can be a tricky task. To manage them can be a bit difficult. I

In recent time one of our client had the same requirement and our well-versed Developers have fulfilled that requirement by building one of the robust Performance Mnaagemnet System that can handle multiple tasks of managing the employees.

Our management system included below features that helped the HR Team to perform the recruitment:

  • Employee-Issue
  • Employee Appraisals Cards:
  • Appraisal Forms
  • Dashboard
  • Time Tracking UI

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Shardul Bhatt

Shardul Bhatt


Python for Freight Forwarding: Proven Case Study for Logistics Company

Python is a popular web development language for enterprise and customer-centric applications. It is one of the top programming languages, according to TIOBE’s index. It has applications in web development, Machine Learning, Data Science, and other domains. The versatility of Python web development makes it the perfect language for applications in every project.

Amidst the hundreds of languages for web application development, Python stands out. It is powerful, scalable, and easy-to-learn. Python’s capabilities are useful in every sector — technology, FinTechHealthTechfreight forwarding industry, and more. The core functionality of Python takes care of all the programming tasks for every feature that needs to be added.

In this article, we will focus on the major aspects of Python that make it suitable for web applications of all kinds. We will then highlight the proficiency of Python using a proven case study that Python developers at BoTree have built. It is a freight forwarding software for international logistics service provider that uses Python in the main technology stack.

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Let’s look at the case study and capabilities of Python in detail.

Why choose Python for Web Development

Python is now the first choice for web development, Unlike Ruby on Rails, it offers more flexibility in the process, Here are a few reasons why companies should choose Python for web development -

  • Readable: Python has an easily readable syntax. It is similar to the english language. Python developers admire the programming language as it is easy to read, write, and understand. You don’t have to write additional code to express concepts with ease. The emphasis on code readability, which enables you to maintain and update the code.
  • Multi-programming paradigms: Like all the other object-oriented and open-source programming languages, Python supports multi-programming paradigms. There’s a dynamic type system and automatic memory management. It simplifies the process of building large and complex enterprise scale applications.
  • Scalable: Python is highly scalable. Because of its in-built capabilities to minimize the errors during the development process, it is perfect for freight forwarding software solutions that require processing bills at a huge scale. It is also suitable for enterprise dashboards and other applications that need to handle massive server requests at once.
  • Versatile: Python is a heavily versatile programming language. It has diverse applications in various domains, including statistical analysis, numerical computations, data analytics and more. Companies can use it for web development or Machine Learning applications. Today, Python plays a crucial role in building data science models and intelligent algorithms.
  • Library
    One of the biggest reasons to choose Python is because of its library set. Python has libraries for almost everything — there’s TensorFlow, Selenium, Apache Spark, Requests, Theano, Py Torch and many more. The libraries enable adding functionalities and features, simplifying the process of building high-quality web applications.

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As Python grows in popularity, its community also grows. There are more developers than any other programming language. They provide support for different development problems, support, and training for multiple projects.

Let’s look at a proven case study by BoTree Technologies that showcases Python’s capabilities in web development.

Python: Proven Case Study of a Logistics Company

At BoTree, we use Python development services for building dynamic web applications. Today we will discuss a case study on the freight forwarding services industry. We developed it using Python and other technologies. Let’s understand it better.

About the Case Study

We designed the freight forwarding software for a leading international logistics services provider. The system we created would collect the information from different freight forwarding websites using bill of lading or the container number. The information is then entered into the centralized system automatically for better management of the freight.

The main challenge was the manual processing of bills of lading. The information had to be gathered from a large number of websites. Each website had hundreds and thousands of bills. The manual process was lengthy and time-consuming. Because the freight forwarding companies were based out of different geographical locations, the client also faced language barriers while processing the B/L.

Our Technology Stack

The technology stack to add freight forwarding features was simple and powerful. We used Python, Postgresql, AWS SQS, EC2m, Puppeteer and Virtual Private Cloud. We offered web development, software testing, and continuous support and maintenance.

The technology stack we used was focused on simplifying the complications in the freight forwarding system. Because the solution had to be scalable, Python was the probably choice for building the web application.

Our Solution

We built a fully server-les architecture. It performs the mapping of the websites and analyzes the different fields for assessing the required details in freight forwarding.

The solution parses data from different websites and matches the fields with the required information. It also takes into account previously parsed data for making the decision.

The collected information is structurally arranged into a format. The entire data system is then pushed back to a centralized ERP system. All the data is accumulated at a single place, making it easier to process the B/L without any hassle.

The freight forwarding solution consisted of the following features built using Python -

Core Features

  • B/L Processing: The system could easily parse 15000 B/L in a single day.
  • Efficiency delivery: The process became efficient by 30% for processing the B/L.
  • Activity log maintenance: There’s a proper record of all the records that take place in the system.
  • Multiple languages: The freight forwarding software could easily parse B/L in different languages.


Python is a powerful programming language for enterprise-grade applications. Logistics companies heavily benefit from investing in freight forwarding solutions. Shipping systems are essential for managing the timely delivery of products and services. An internal system for B/L processing can enable you to reap the benefits of swift deliveries.

BoTree Technologies is a custom software development company that has Python experts who can build quality applications for enterprises. We have experience in the logistics, healthcare, fintech, education, and multiple other industries.

Connect with us today for a FREE CONSULTATION in the next 24 hours!

Originally published at on May 11, 2021.

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Shardul Bhatt

Shardul Bhatt


Facebook Chatbot Case Study for Restaurant Order Management

Do you know that 33% of consumers want to use a chatbot for making a hotel reservation? An online hotel booking chatbot is a convenient reservation option. You don’t have to call the hotel manager back and forth. Based on the date and table availability, the chatbot would automatically make your booking. With Facebook chatbot launched in 2016, their business adoption has become seemingly high.

There are different types of chatbots for hotel reservation management. The three primary ones are rule-based (answering specific questions), AI-based (learning from environment & conversations), and live chatbots (customer service representatives). A Facebook messenger chatbot uses AI to converse with people. It can also answer pre-preprogrammed questions. Some companies use Facebook messenger chatbot integration for customer service as well.

In this article, we will look at the reasons behind the use of chatbots. The main purpose is to understand the importance of the Facebook messenger chatbot for business. After that, we will focus on a proven case study built by BoTree Technologies, a leading chatbot app development company. The case study is an online hotel booking chatbot that simplifies the process of making restaurant reservations. Keep reading to know more.

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Why use Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Business?

Chatbots can cut operational costs by 30%. A custom software development company can build chatbots using Facebook, Skype, Slack, and other messengers. However, we will focus on the Facebook Messenger chatbot that Python developers always keep on talking about. Let’s look at why a chatbot – and more important – Facebook messenger chatbot API is useful for any business.

  • 24×7 availability
    Today, people use Facebook whenever they get the time. A Facebook Messenger chatbot is available 24×7, 365 days a year. More than 60% of internet users love the 24×7 feature of chatbots. Whenever a query or problem arises, they can connect with a chatbot. The quick response ensures that they are getting the answers on time.
  • Personalized experience
    A Facebook messenger bot for websites enables you to directly reach your customers. People are more likely to connect with your Facebook bot than with marketing emails. In fact, most Ruby on Rails development services providers recommend a chatbot over automating email marketing. Chatbots give a personal experience to each customer they connect with.
  • eCommerce bot
    You can also get a Facebook messenger chatbot for ecommerce transactions. Chatbots can do upselling by recommending products and accepting payments by directing the customers to payment gateways. Chatbots increase your sales and reduce the cart abandonment rate. They can show ads that can redirect directly to the payment page on your website.
  • Remarket services
    You can engage with your customers that visit the hotel. By sending them offers and discounts on table bookings through chatbots, you can turn them into repeat customers. There’s no extra Facebook messenger chatbot price for retargeting customers. A single bot can handle both new and recurring customer visits.
  • Appointments & bookings
    You will find the best Facebook messenger chatbot example in appointment scheduling. Making hotel reservations becomes a breeze for customers using chatbots. The bot will ask questions about the date and time. It will then make reservations by looking at the table status. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to make a reservation. You can also schedule or cancel bookings easily.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot: A Proven Case Study

Now that you understand the importance of Facebook messenger chatbot for business – particularly in hotel reservation management let’s move on to a case study. At BoTree Technologies, we build Facebook chatbots for different industries. In this case, our client is a restaurateur who wanted to simplify the process of taking orders and reservations. We did it by building an online order-taking chatbot.

Facebook Chatbot


The chatbot we built is capable of taking online reservations and orders from customers. It simplifies the process of taking orders online by enabling customers to place orders easily. The AI-based bot asks a few questions, based on which it assists the customers with ordering their food. The entire process does not take more than 10 minutes. It is easy as a breeze and enables quick service delivery.


Steve’s (the client) restaurant missed a lot of business. He couldn’t attend and take orders from his customers at the right time. The major challenge was that most customers felt that Steve wasn’t considerate towards them by not attending them. However, he wanted to deliver orders on time to every customer but couldn’t do it without any help.

The Solution

We used two technologies – Ruby on Rails and Facebook messenger chatbot API. With the help of Rails 5 as the backend technology, we did Facebook messenger chatbot integration in one-click. Our solution included the following – 

  • The chatbot was a real-time two-way communication tool using AI for understanding customer queries.
  • The chatbot presented various options from the menu. Customers could choose from multiple cuisines, categories and place their orders by tapping them.
  • It saved a lot of time in placing orders as the chatbot directly sent the orders to Steve. The same chatbot was used as a communication tool from another device that the restaurant had.
  • Since Steve had a Facebook page, it became easier to reach more customers. Anyone who followed the page could easily connect with the chatbot and place orders.
  • The customers could place orders from their past order history, check out the latest promotions, and share their orders with friends.

We provided complete chatbot development and testing for the restaurant. Facebook messenger chatbot for business has much better reach than a mobile application for restaurant ordering. Since most people would prefer Facebook over an application for a restaurant, it made sense to build a chatbot for that purpose.


Before you go for mobile app development services, consider the prospect of having a chatbot. Facebook Messenger chatbots are becoming increasingly popular amongst small businesses. They are perfect for reaching out to customers, booking appointments, rescheduling them, responding to customer queries, and overall providing a personalized customer experience.

BoTree Technologies can assist you with a Facebook messenger chatbot and enable you to target more customers through a trusted medium of communication. Contact us today for more information.


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Origin Scale

Origin Scale


Originscale Order Management System

Originscale order management software helps to manage all your orders across channels in a single place. Originscale collects orders across multiple channels in real-time - online, offline, D2C, B2B, and more. View all your orders in one single window and process them with a simple click.

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Ashish parmar

Ashish parmar


Case study on mobile app; DreamG

Dream-G application will allow user to chat, voice calls and video calls to random people through the mobile application. The User can create a profile and perform all these actions in addition to searching for a person using their name.

Client Requirement
The client came with the requirement of developing a unique mobile application for users to chat with others and make voice and video calls. Furthermore, the user should be able to subscribe to the plan by paying a certain amount.

App Features and Functionalities
The User can see the list of the people and able to view the profile of a particular person and able to chat, voice call, and video call.
The user can see the list of entertainers and can chat, Voice call and Video call them.
User can search for any person by entering the name.
Through the chat option, the user can see the past history of the chat with all the users. The user can also open any chat and again send messages.
The user can see the profile details and able to edit or modify the profile photo, name, and other details. The user can see the call log details.
The user can see the number of coins available with them and through these coins, the user will able to make voice and video calls.
The user can purchase the plan listed in the application according to the requirements, and will be able to chat with the people.
The User can refer the mobile application to other people and earn rewarding coins.

To create a unique user experience for the Chat, Voice, and Video Calls.

Technical Specification & Implementation
Integration with the payment Gateway
Android: Android Studio with Java
We successfully developed and implemented the Dream-G mobile application through which the user will able to chat, voice call, and video call to other people. The user will also be able to purchase the subscription plan and refer the application to other people.

Read more:

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Tech Avidus

Tech Avidus


Digital Assets Management Software Solution | AI-based Assets Management System

A Digital Asset Management System makes it easier to store, manage, and share all of your digital assets on cloud-based storage.

We help you to build Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems with your precise business requirements, whether you want one for maintaining management, production management, brand management systems, or implementing with your sales department with the digital assets it needs.

To learn more about how the Digital Asset Management system will help your business, email us at

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