How to Check Text Inputs for SQL Injection Attacks in Java

How to Check Text Inputs for SQL Injection Attacks in Java

Learn how to detect SQL injection attacks from text input(s) using an API in Java. Learn how to check text inputs for SQL injection attacks in Java

Learn how to detect SQL injection attacks from text input(s) using an API in Java.

SQL (Structured Query Language) injection is a code injection technique used to attack data-driven applications; the SQL statements are inserted into an entry field for execution and wreak havoc from there. This type of attack tends to seek and target existing security vulnerabilities within websites or other databases to acquire access to sensitive information. For example, if the field of an online form is coded incorrectly, this provides an opening for the malicious user to sneak in SQL commands that the system will consider valid and return a response containing information that can be leveraged to access the data and manipulate, modify, or destroy it from there.

Despite the growing number of organizations that have reported successful SQL injection attacks, this type of threat is often underestimated in comparison to other cyber-crimes. Due to their reliance on check-out forms for their websites, retail companies have shown to be particularly susceptible to these threats. While standard firewalls may aim at protecting your website or application from SQL injection, the potential for failure can cause serious damage and data loss for your company. The following APIs can assist in providing supplementary protection by detecting SQL injection attacks from single or multiple text inputs, and will even define the threat detection level you want to utilize.

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