Famous Italian Solitaire Simulation and Statistics using Python

Famous Italian Solitaire Simulation and Statistics using Python

Implementing a solitaire simulator and extracting the winning probabilities out of it, with few lines of (Python) codes

First thing you need to know:

Italian guys love playing cards

and, as I am an Italian guy, I’m not an exception. The second **thing you need to know is more bitter. This social distancing is forcing people to stay safe and in some cases… alone. A good way to spend your time playing cards when no one else is around you could be playing solitaires**. Solitaires are those kinds of card games that don’t need any other player but yourself. The interesting thing about solitaries is that sometimes it is incredibly hard to win the game.

A famous solitaire game is called “Uno, Due e Tre”.

This game is extremely simple. You start counting “Uno (One)”, “Due (Two)” and “Tre (Three)” and while you are doing that you pick a card. If this card is:

  • An “Asso” (that is the correspondent card for “One”) while you say “One”
  • “Two” while you say “Two”
  • A “Three” while you say “Three”

You’ve lost the game.

Now let’s set the environment. An Italian deck is composed by 40 cards. More specifically you have 10 numbers and 4 colours. That means you have 4 Asso, 4 twos and 4 threes: 12 dangerous cards to look at and 28 innocent ones.

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