3 Tips to Improve Your Git Submodule Knowledge

3 Tips to Improve Your Git Submodule Knowledge

3 Tips to Improve Your Git Submodule Knowledge. How to work with Git submodules, hassle-free. The pictures below show a possible Git submodule setup. Handling a large code base with Git causes a problem with the git fetch command.

How to work with Git submodules, hassle-free

Handling a large code base with Git causes a problem with the git fetch command. You don’t need the whole code base to change some styling.

Let’s say you’re building a service-oriented app. Pushing changes to a single repo will cause havoc. Without proper commit messages, you are left with a huge list of unrelated commits.

Committing to separate Git submodules could help. “Submoduling” separates the repo into smaller code bases. Separating concerns will lead to better code organization. For example, one submodule per service would be a good start.

In this article, I’ll try to broaden your knowledge on Git submodules. The article consists of three tips that save my life every day. Read through until the end for a sweet bonus tip.

Let’s dive in.

1. Use SourceTree for Managing Git Submodules

2. Pay Attention to Detached HEAD Pointer

3. Do Proper Code Base Split

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