Distributed SQL Summit Recap: Cloud Native Spring for Relational Databases

Distributed SQL Summit Recap: Cloud Native Spring for Relational Databases

At the Distributed SQL Summit 2020, DaShaun Carter talked about a possible path to cloud native Distributed SQL and Spring at a 101 level. Get the recap. If you are still wondering about it then this article is for you.

_Editor’s note: Below is the final recap from last year’s event. There’s still time to join us live for the upcoming Distributed SQL Summit, Jan 20-22 in India Standard Time. [See the schedule and register._](https://asia.distributedsql.org/schedule)

At the Distributed SQL Summit 2020, DaShaun Carter, formerly a Tanzu Solution Engineer at VMware presented the talk, “Cloud Native Spring for Relational Databases”.

In the talk, DaShaun takes us down about a possible path to Distributed SQL, keeping the discussion at a 101 level.

DaShaun kicks the presentation off by inviting the audience to consider a use case: A Java app, RESTful services, and single node PostgreSQL. For example, an MVP that he wrote 10 years ago, it went to production, and growth happened. DaShaun adds that the app only has value when data is written to the database, like a landing page when collecting a lead, or a sale of something; the write to the database kicks things off. In this use case, you’ve vertically scaled as much as possible, and now you need even more scale. How best to approach this?

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