Vb.net query access database table with 2 conditions on the same field

Vb.net query access database table with 2 conditions on the same field

Short background information;

Short background information;

I receive notification emails with an alphanumeric number, a status field, the email receiving time and the sender name.

I have a database which I populated with these outlook emails. E.g.:

Number            status     receivingtime           sender
Xyz12345          new        22.01.2019 20:22:16     abc
Xyz5683           new        23.01.2019 15:45:55     abc
Xyz12345          closed     23.01.2019 14:32:30     abc
Xyz8765           new        24.01.2019 16:55:32     abc
Xyz9999           closed     2t.01.2019 09:10:11     abc

I need a query (number,status,time,sender) which extracts only the new items if they where not already set to status closed.

In the above given example the extracted data should be xyz5683 and xyz8765 I tried already doing this with for loops which I don't really like as the performance is bad.

I also tried this with populating 2 datatables and joining them together, used except within linq. Due to the fact that I like to store it anywhere for further use I also skipped this method. I would prefer

1.) importing all the emails to the access db

2.) Query them as needed

I read tons of articles with different solutions, but can't figure out how to do this....maybe I already got stuck because I'm thinking way too difficult.

Do you have any ideas how I can do this?

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