Vue Component for the Share Block from Yandex

Vue Component for the Share Block from Yandex

Vue Component for the Share Block from Yandex

Vue Yandex Share

Vue component for the Share block from Yandex.


npm i @alexlit/vue-yandex-share -S


  import VueYandexShare from '@alexlit/vue-yandex-share';

  export default {
    components: { VueYandexShare },

    data() {
      return {
         * Параметры плагина
        options = {
          accessToken: null,
          bare: false,
          counter: false,
          copy: 'last',
          description: null,
          direction: 'horizontal',
          hashtags: null,
          image: null,
          lang: 'ru',
          limit: 24,
          popupDirection: 'bottom',
          popupPosition: 'inner',
          size: 'm',
          title: null,
          url: null,
          services: [

  <vue-yandex-share v-bind="options"></vue-yandex-share>



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