Mastering Memoization in Python

Mastering Memoization in Python

Understanding Function Caching in Python .Mastering Memoization in Python

Memoization is a method used to store the results of previous function calls to speed up future calculations. If repeated function calls are made with the same parameters, we can store the previous values instead of repeating unnecessary calculations. This results in a significant speed up in calculations. In this post, we will use memoization to find factorials.

Let’s get started!

First, let’s define a recursive function that we can use to display the first factorials up to n. If you are unfamiliar with recursion, check out this article: Recursion in Python.

As a reminder, the factorial is defined for an integer n, such that it is the product of that integer and all integers below it. For example

1! = 1,

2! = 2*1= 2

3! = 321 = 6

and so forth. We can define the recursive function as follows:

def factorial(input_value):
    if input_value < 2: 
        return 1
    elif input_value >= 2:
        return input_value * factorial(input_value-1)

Here we specify the base cases, which say that if the input value is less than 2 return 1. If the input value is greater than or equal to 2, return recursive function calls taking the product of the integer and previous integer values.

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