How to Build a Custom React Search Bar Component using a Dynamic Regex

How to Build a Custom React Search Bar Component using a Dynamic Regex

In this tutorial, you'll see How to Build a Custom React Search Bar Component using a Dynamic Regex. Learn to build a simple, custom search bar component that uses a dynamic regex to filter search results based on the search text input.

As of lately, I’ve been in the process of building a progressive web app for my Mom’s Christmas present this year using React Hooks; It’s a digitalized version of her cookbooks and recipes all in one place.

With how many recipes she has, it got me thinking, if she wanted to find a single recipe, simply alphabetizing them might not be as intuitive as I would like.

This inspired me to create a search bar that would filter the recipe search results as the user was typing, instead of upon hitting a button.

Below, take a look at the end goal we are trying to achieve. Hopefully it is obvious this is just a template, and has fake recipes — my mom does not have a recipe called “Weird Stuff”!.

Notice how it only shows dishes with the current value (typed characters) somewhere in the name of the dish

In this post, we’ll discuss how I was able to make the search bar, and implement it into the app.

There are a few parts to this, and I’ll be going into each of these topics:

  1. Create the SearchBar component
  2. Include the necessary state using Hooks in our App component (pass as props to the SearchBar component)
  3. Make a dynamic regular expression that uses the state of the search bar input to match against each recipe.
  4. With a React Hook (useEffect), call a helper function to filter the results on every change of input state using the regex.

If you would like to take a look at the project for yourself, I have linked to the Github repository here. Also, my way is only one way to make something like this, I’m positive there are numerous other possibilities, and plenty of those are probably better ways too. Now, let’s dive into the first step!

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