Angular Upgrade Service [Upgrade Angular App to V11]

Angular Upgrade Service [Upgrade Angular App to V11]

Keep your project up-to-date with our bespoke angular upgrade service. Hire Angular developer to upgrade or migrate your Angular app to the latest version.

Keep Your Angular Projects up-to-date today!

After five months of the launch to Angular 10, this Google web framework rolled out their next Angular 11 upgrade on the 11 date of 11 month 2020; pretty cool, huh?!. An upgrade in this short span raises many questions about the kind of updates they are giving and why we even need to upgrade the angular version in projects?? The answer is right here. This upgrade has highlighted numerous features with significant improvements, which will ease developers' efforts by optimizing the speed factors on all platforms. This Latest Angular upgrade service has several breaking modifications and the introduction of new features, which will make you want to upgrade today itself!

Let's explore the new features in detail!

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Introduction of new features

  • Experimental webpack 5 support

Webpack 5 is the newest version and was launched just a few months back; it's widely known for compiling vast numbers of files into a single folder or a bundle, which decreases the excess efforts for the developer Angular 11 provides experimental support. Thus, you can create and experiment with new dynamic things. Before this update, developers were able to work with module federation; this update will enable them to reach faster builds and fix the current issue of stability.

  • Component Test Harnesses:

    This feature lets the developer communicate immaculately with angular material components during testing due to its transparent and robust API surface. First-time component test harness was introduced in Angular 9. Due to this update, these APIs have gained the ability to interact with angular components just as interacting with the end-users. Developers can now multitask at the same time, which will save both time and effort simultaneously.

  • Shifting from TSlint to ESlint :

For the longest time, TSlint was very popular amongst the developer community and promised fruitful results. However, this Angular upgrade has decided to disallow the usage of TSlint and made a shift towards ESlint this time. Further, it has introduced the three-step method to utilize this.

In the first step, one has to establish these relevant dependencies using

ng add @angular-eslint/schematics

Secondly, we have to proceed with the convert-tslint-to-eslint schematic on a project,

ng g @angular-eslint/schematics:convert-tslint-to-eslint {{YOUR_PROJECT_NAME_GOES_HERE}}

For the third and final step, remove the root TSLint configuration and only use ESLint. The root-level Json must be removed.


Significant Angular version updates on various functions:

  • Updated Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Support :

    The mechanism called Hot Module Replacement support enabled modules to be replaced without having to refresh the browser activity. HMR is not a brand new concept for the developers as they were using it even before the update was made. The difference is only that the amount of effort needed for configuration has dropped exceptionally because they have started using CLI commands for this especially. To enable the HMR to use the hmr tag with ng serve command this way,

ng serve --hmr

  • Updated Language Service Preview:

    Language service preview tools ensure effectiveness and productivity while developing with Angular. Before, it was based on the view engine; however, after the angular 11 latest version upgrade, it's been offered on IVY-based language service, which is considered more robust. This tool has similar functionality to a typescript compiler.

  • TypeScript 4.0 Support

The angular upgrade to the latest caused termination to the support for typeScript 3.9; this latest version only supports the TypeScript 4.0 version. It boosts up the built, which is the prominent reason why this Angular upgrade can offer such rapid speed compared to older versions!

  • Other subtle yet robust upgrades :

    The new angular upgrade has terminated IE 9, 10, and IE mobile support completely. Angular 11 has also updated its roadmap to keep users engaged with their current priorities Exclusive automated schematics and migrations. Angular CLI will be able to generate resolve guards.

To upgrade angular service to Angular and access these latest updates, you only have to run this command.

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

To sum up, This new Angular 11 update has brought numerous major updates that everyone is looking forward to new ideas. If you leverage Angular upgrade service for your product, it will turn your angular app from out of date to the latest up to date. Angular 11 aims to make the user experience more satisfactory and make their efforts less and less. This latest Angular update has all of the most advanced updates, so make sure you do not miss out on something important. Get your Angular projects up to date today!

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