Avoid This Mistake If You Want to Learn Programming Fast

Avoid This Mistake If You Want to Learn Programming Fast

Avoid This Mistake If You Want to Learn Programming Fast. You learn fast by doing projects but not this way

A programmer created a Slack channel and asked interested people to join. The programmer, with some level of proficiency in Python, created the channel for people, who want to learn to program, to learn by doing projects.

The channel owner uploads tasks to the channel and members try their hands on it; then brainstorm together.

I also joined the channel but I was always lost. I found out, through comments, many people on the channel have some level of proficiency in programming. My level of proficiency in Python was zero. I knew the channel won’t improve my knowledge as fast as I want. I exited the channel.

The aim of the channel owner is a good one. But as a beginner, I could sense the method of learning is not good for a beginner.

Here are my reasons why a beginner should be on the lookout for this pitfall.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Basics for Projects

Programming requires you to know the basics. This is what makes you proficient in a language. You will have a good grasp of the language you’re learning.

It would be great if you have the basic knowledge of a language and you build projects with it. That’s so perfect. This means you’re putting to use the knowledge you acquired.

I have seen several times articles like “build a Twitter app with Node.js in this 5-hour video”. These types of articles are great for those who already know Node.js. Beginners shouldn't learn how to code with such articles.

First, you will find yourself lost most times. It will be so hard for you to understand how you get from point A to point B. It would have been better if this would be the only problem you would face. There’s another issue. This may discourage you from learning how to code forever. Learning to code that way could make you lose interest in programming and doubt your ability to learn.

Second, you waste a lot of time. Because you don’t have the basic knowledge of the language you use for a project, this means a lot of research and asking on your part. Someone could explain how point A leads to point B to you, think of the time it will take before you’re able to wrap your head around it.

Third, you’re only proficient in the project you do and not the language. You’re only good at the projects you do. You won’t be a master of a language. To be successful as a programmer, you need to solve problems. Some of the problems won’t be what you already know how to solve. They are a new ball game you will need to put on your A-game.

I was going through posts on a social media platform and a developer wrote on his page that most of the projects he works on are not what he knew how to do. He had to research and work on projects.

What would have been the fate of a programmer who doesn’t have a good foundation knowledge of a language?

Fourth, you won’t be an expert in a language. Specialization is key to excelling in the programming world. If as a beginner you’re used to learning through “build this in 4-hours” video, you will always want to try out different projects with different languages such videos throw at you. In the long run, this makes you a master of no language.

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