Rowena  Cox

Rowena Cox


Implement Drag & Drop in Your Xamarin.Forms App

Xamarin.Forms now has the DragGestureRecognizer and DropGestureRecognizer, enabling you to implement drag and drop in your apps! In this video we will see how to get started with adding drag and drop to your app and enriching the data that you’re transporting.

🔗 Links
Sample App Repo:
Los Gatos Sample App:
Drag & Drop CollectionView Blog:

Xamarin Forms Repo:
Xamarin.Forms Drag & Drop Docs:

⏱ Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:14 Preview of End Result
0:45 Sample App Outline & Why No MVVM?!
1:45 Implement Drag & Drop UI
2:07 XAML Pro-Tip Special Characters
6:50 Implement Drag & Drop Code-Behind
8:05 Add Additional Data to Dragged Content
9:25 Get Additional Data from Dropped Content
12:55 See Implemented Drag & Drop Functionality
13:42 Outro

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Implement Drag & Drop in Your Xamarin.Forms App