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New: A SignInWithAppleButton in SwiftUI

As shown at WWDC 2020, Apple has made it even easier to implement Apple Sign In. By simply calling the struct, you will be able to have Apple Sign In right on your screen.

“A control that you add to your interface to allow users to sign in with their Apple ID.” — Apple’s documentation


To follow along with this tutorial, you’ll need some basic knowledge in:

  • Swift
  • At least Xcode 12+

Note: This only supports iOS 14+.


You may indicate if you would like to be a signup or a sign-in. Here, you will be doing a sign-in:

	    onRequest: { request in
	        // 1
	        request.requestedScopes = [.fullName, .email]
	    onCompletion: { result in
	        switch result {
	        case .success (let authResults):
	            // 2
	            print("Authorization successful.")
	        case .failure (let error):
	            // 3
	            print("Authorization failed: " + error.localizedDescription)
	).frame(width: 200, height: 30)
  1. The request scope is where you can specify what kind of information you would like to collect from the user. Currently, you are only collecting the full name and email address.
  2. Authentication is successful. Here, you will be able to get the credentials and information to store in your database.
  3. If the authentication fails, you will be able to identify the error with the provided description.

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New: A SignInWithAppleButton in SwiftUI

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What is ASO for Android & iOS Mobile App?

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A. Search Optimization
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/The more often the app appears in search results = the more installs /

Note: The app name is the strongest key phrase.

5 point method to Choose Keywords:
1.Create a list of general keywords based on the app description.
2.Find the Top 5 apps that target the already selected keywords.
3.Find keywords that work best for each of the 5 apps.
4.Now you should have created quite a large list of keywords. Get rid of those which don’t fit your app.
5.Create 100 characters, a comma separated string that contains the best keywords you chose.

  1. Behavioural Approach:
    App Store Optimization is not only about adjusting towards search algorithms, it’s also about human behavior. There are several areas on the Android/iOS Mobile App Store that trigger human decisions to make an install or to abandon it. These are the most important for us:

a.Application name
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What's New in SwiftUI for iOS 15 - Part 2 - WWDC 2021 - Xcode 13 - SwiftUI 3.0

Hello Guys 🖐🖐🖐🖐
In this Video I’m going to show what are the new features introduced with Xcode 13 at WWDC 2021 | WWDC 2021 | SwiftUI 3.0 | What’s New in SwiftUI | What’s New in Xcode 13 | iOS 15 | SwiftUI Keyboard Accessory View | SwiftUI Keyboard Begin/Resign First Responder | | Xcode 13 beta SwiftUI.
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2:17 Focused (Keyboard Resign/Begin First Responder)
3:28 Access to Bindings within the Collection/Set
4:58 New Foreground Styles
6:10 Custom Rendering And Colouring For System Images
7:24 New Text Customisation’s
8:47 Timeline View
9:58 New Button Customisation’s

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