Top 20 Best React Templates for Web Apps in 2020

Top 20 Best React Templates for Web Apps in 2020

If you prefer to use ReactJS for your business, you must see these awesome React templates we've handpicked for your web applications.

Dashboards are essential tools that certainly help improve the performance of any business. Without these dashboards, monitoring the performance would complicated and chaotic. As a result, awesome admin dashboard templates exist to provide the best solution to your business needs. These dashboards are perfect tools to monitor and improve your business through visual representations. Thus, you gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision making. Today, various free and premium admin templates are available on the web. These are developed using different web technologies and tools. One of the most popular tools is ReactJS. If you prefer to use it for your business, you must see these React templates we’ve handpicked for you.

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If you’re wondering how popular ReactJS is, you may be surprised to know that popular companies invest wholeheartedly in this technology. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Whatsapp, Salesforce, Uber, The New York Times, CNN, Dropbox these are just a few of the numerous companies that trust and utilizes this tool. Thus, it remains relevant to the market. If medium and large companies understand the essence of this tool, then why not embrace it for your business? This list of React templates will surely help you improve your web applications.

Make sure to check all these templates and pick the best the suits your preferences.

1. ArchitectUI

Acquire the best tools to help you gain total visibility of your app’s performance instantly with ArchitectUI. Having ArchitectUI in this list of React templates makes this collection magnificent for ReactJS powered apps. This admin template is packed with 9 dashboards having different layouts built using Bootstrap 4 framework. It also contains 150+ UI components (elements, widgets) along with unlimited options.

With the ArchitectUI’s unlimited color options, you can have the best color scheme that will fit your application. That’s not all, you may also easily customize the layout for headers, footer, sidebars, etc. This React template is also fully responsive and mobile-first. Therefore, you can access dashboards on diverse devices anytime, anywhere. It also contains awesome applications like mailbox, chat, FAQ section. Moreover, useful pages include login, register and forgot-password.

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2. React Admin

Dashboards help you identify which items need urgent actions as it shows important data in an enhanced manner. Here’s React Admin that you can opt from React templates with straightforward yet elegant design. With this admin template, you can build a scalable, highly polished admin application with React-Redux and Bootstrap. Thus, accessing dashboards via tablets and smartphones are attainable.

With the desire to provide you the best admin template, React Admin is built with cross-browser compatibility. In this way, you can access your dashboard regardless of the browser you use. This React template contains a bunch of components, widgets, that will change the look and feel of your dashboard. React Admin has workable applications including boards, notes, maps and emails.

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3. Jumbo React

Find the best React template in this premium collection and create a dashboard in a fast, scalable and intuitive way. Here’s Jumbo React, a complete React, Redux admin template based on Material Design concept with clean, minimal and professional design. It contains 7 dashboards, 300+ components, 150+ widgets and metrics, 130+ designed pages, 6 navigation styles, and 6 built-in apps. With these numerous features, you can build your dashboard with unlimited possibilities.

With this React template, you can choose from the lite, semi-dark and dark theme that is all seamless. Jumbo React’ Firebase Integration with API helps you build apps fast, without managing infrastructure as it gives you the analytics, database, messaging and crash reporting. You’ll also get powerful features including Google map, calendar and events, multilingual support, dynamic routing support and more!

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4. CleanUI

Looking for the best admin template for your web apps? Perhaps you should see these React templates that are built to improve business performance. Here’s CleanUI, a React + Redux dashboard template that has a clean, as its name implies and simple design. It comes with multiple versions built using Create-React-App, Create-React-App-Seed, UmiJS, UmiJS-Seed, Html, Html-Laravel, and Landing template. CleanUI offers 6 different layout types to suit your needs.

It is also fully responsive so your dashboard will look seamless and organized in different devices. This dashboard template also supports cross-browser feature. Then, you can still access your dashboard even if you use different browsers. Moreover, CleanUI is also a powerful and super flexible tool, which suits best for any kind of web application: Web Sites, Web Applications, Hybrid Apps, CRM, CMS, Admin Panels.

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5. Gogo React

As a web developer, you surely love faster-rendering speed applications. Well, that’s what ReactJS significantly do. It effectively reduces page load time that makes a notable boost in performance. If you wish to acquire the best React templates for your admin dashboard, then look no further! Here’s Gogo React, a React, Redux admin template that has a cool combination of excellent design, quality codes and great attention to details.

Apparently, this dashboard template has 4 different dashboards, 3 applications, and lots of components. It has multiple structures and layouts that are clean and seamless while functions well. Moreover, It has 10 color schemes that you can efficiently use for managing your web application. You can pick from purple, blue, green, orange and red with both light and dark versions. Other impressive features include superfine charts, awesome layout, smart menu, and more.

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6. EasyDev

If you wish to build an admin dashboard template that is highly dynamic and responsive, you can check out these React templates. EasyDev is among these magnificent dashboard templates that you ought to evaluate. This template is built using React-Redux and Bootstrap 4 framework that contains 6 different styles of dashboards.

EasyDev is fully responsive just like most of the awesome templates on this list. It has a clean and professional code that will help fellow developers in customization and maintenance. This React template also comes with a theme Customizer that lets you see different layout variations and theme options with ease. With the 200+ UI React components and 100+ React pages you’ll have endless possibilities in crafting your dashboard layout.

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7. Fortress

One of the notable features of ReactJS is its ability to create apps that are SEO friendly. With Fortress, you can build a powerful dashboard powered with React, Redux and Material-UI frameworks. Focusing on performance and best practices, Fortress is based on React Boilerplate that offers a highly scalable, offline-first foundation. This React template is equipped with numerous components, UI elements that can bolster your apps management.

Apparently, Fortress has wonderful charts, tables, tabs for navigation, and more. With this template, you can choose from 5 different theme colors it offers – atom, aurelia, quiet, sky or just the default theme. For the layout, you can use open views or show header tabs, the choice is yours.

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8. Material Design

Material Design is an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard template built using React, Material Design and Bootstrap. This feature-rich dashboard template also comes with a clean, minimalist yet aesthetically pleasing. Material Design has multiple layouts that you can play around with. Aside from that, it provides you with ample options for acquiring color scheme. Apparently, it has 18 predefined color schemes with light and dark themes that you can use for your dashboard.

Built using Bootstrap 4 framework, your dashboard with Material Design is mobile-friendly and fully responsive. That means it will adapt to any device you use to access it. That’s not all, this React template also ensures that you’ll have a seamless, high-resolution dashboard along with a solid workflow with Create-React-app. Setting up your admin layout with Material Design gives you abundant possibilities. On top of that, there are tons of material components that will help you design well your dashboard with minimal effort.

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9. Enlite Prime

Focus on the most important key performance index so you can track business goals well. You can achieve that when you pick awesome React templates on this list. Enlite Prime can boost the performance of your web apps as it is built with ReactJS, React Boilerplate and Material-UI library. Basically, this React template has a clean, modern, and sleek design. This template contains more than 30 React components in 9 categories. With the template settings of Enlite, you can easily customize the theme color, navigation layout, theme mode and layout direction (LTR or RTL).

For the style of the dashboard, you can use the analytic style or the marketing. Enlite is equipped with various apps too. For static apps and Firebase apps, both have to-do, contact and email versions. Meanwhile, it also offers many map styles including map marker, map with search box, traffic indicator and street view. Packed with multiple colors you may choose to use the dark or the light theme using blue, green, orange, red, purple or gray.

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10. Datta Able

Analyze key data quickly and thoroughly when you opt for Datta Able from these amazing collection of React temples. Datta Able Is a React Redux Dashboard Template that comes with a clean and clear design. With this template, you have 6 gorgeous and useful dashboard types. This is ideal to utilize for eCommerce, CRM, analytics, crypto, projects and other related applications. Specifically, it contains 150+ ready to use widgets, 40+ charts and 70+ plugins.

With this awesome React template, you can develop more than just a mere dashboard for your web apps. It also contains 130+ well-designed pages to provide any dashboard’s need. It also uses the Live Customizer to aid you in finishing the layout and menu options. Of course, retina ready and responsive design is a must-have for all apps. With Datta Able, your design will look perfect on any screen devices allowing you to check dashboard on those devices. It also supports modern browsers as it is cross-browser compatible.

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11. React Isomorphic

Excellent dashboards enable you to monitor and measure the performance of your business. With that in mind, these React templates are highly in demand. So why not consider React Isomorphic for your web app’s dashboard? It’s React-Redux powered admin dashboard that is highly optimized for your application. With React Isomorphic you can build anything you want as it utilizes the FireStore CRUD. You may also create a functional chat built on top of Firebase FireStore.

To make this React template more flexible and useful it covers as many server-side implementations as possible such as Express, Laravel, Spark, Flask and Django. For changing the settings of React Isomorphic you can customize the sidebar color, topbar color and background. Moreover, it has various notifications features that include shop notifications, message/chat, etc. For the search feature, it utilizes the Algolia Search Integration for delivering real-time results from the first keystroke.

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12. Mare Admin

Make smarter, data-driven decisions with an intuitive and innovative dashboard. That goal isn’t too far when you have these React templates in hand. Mare Admin is worth to evaluate for your app’s dashboard. It’s a Material Design based admin template built with ReactJS. Its clean code increases the overall value of the template. Mare Admin comes with 3 dashboards, tons of UI components, and various useful pages.

Moreover, this dashboard template is fully responsive and supports high-resolution features. Thus, accessing dashboards on mobile is possible. This template allows you to easily choose from the green, blue or gray theme. Furthermore, you have the option to use the boxed or wide layout as well. Other amazing features include awesome charts, multilingual, clean tables, minimal form elements, and more.

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13. Webmin

Dashboards do not just provide you with essential data. With its capability to display real-time key metrics and performance indicators, it can effectively drive business decisions. This is the reason why many developers trying to develop the best dashboard using ReactJS. With this premium React templates, you have a variety of dashboards to choose from. Webmin is a lightweight ReactJS template from this list.

It’s ideal for backend panels that has 20+ page templates and 20+ ready-to-use React components. This dashboard template is based on the latest version of Reactstrap. It’s also SASS powered to make development easier. Webmin is built to adjust to fit different screen sizes with its responsive design. Furthermore, this React template integrates Firebase to provide login and signup authentication. Other notable features include awesome widgets, charts, events calendar, forms, and more.

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14. Flexile

Visual representations of your business performance are essential in monitoring and improving such business. And, you can accomplish that goal with Flexile. It’s a fully responsive React, Redux admin template based on Ant Design. It has a clean and modern design built with best coding practices in mind. This react template comes with 9 different layouts including horizontal, vertical, framed, fixed and fluid layouts.

With Flexile’s Customizer, you can access the theme switcher to switch between themes. You may also pick the color of your choice through the custom color picker and preset color theme. You may also switch layout styles and navigation styles to suit your preferences. Through the Firebase integration, this React template allows authentication with Facebook, Google, GitHub and Twitter. This template is also packed with 10+ maps, 5+ event calendar, charts and visuals and more.

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15. Fuse

Build professional-looking user interfaces with the amazing React templates. Here’s Fuse, a complete React-Redux admin template that’s based on Google’s Material Design guidelines. Fuse comes with multiple layouts for different pages/routes. This template also has a number of different color theme presets for different business preferences. As Fuse integrates Firebase, Auth0 and JWT, you can easily login and register along with the saving of user data.

Moreover, Fuse lets you customize the color scheme on the main, navbar, toolbar and footer. It’s also equipped with lots of workable applications including chat, contact, mail, todo, eCommerce, file manager, notes and more. What’s more? It also comes with user authentication pages such as login, register, forgot password, reset password, lock screen and mail confirmation.

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16. Particles

Manage your web application efficiently with these set of React templates. Here’s Particles, a React-Redux clean admin template that’s great to achieve great UI with minimal coding. It’s a simple, straightforward template with tons of third-party plugins. Although this template is not static HTML, it’s still a developer friendly tool where components and elements are well structured and are ready for customizations.

Particles also uses SASS in compiling large projects. Moreover, it is fully responsive so your dashboard will look good on different devices including mobile, tablets and desktop. This React template is also packed with UI components that are not just seamless but are useful.

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17. Primer

With the new technologies out in the market these days, you may find it hard to pick the best for your business. When it comes to dashboard, you can opt for ReactJS. It’s one of the most powerful tools to build your dashboard with. Here’s Primer, a creative material design admin template that comes with React and Angular versions. With Primer, you have a huge library of awesome user interfaces for your dashboard as it is based on Material-UI with JSS at its core.

Primer is fully responsive so you can take a glance of your dashboard well in mobile, tablet and desktop anytime, anywhere. You may also use the dark or light theme mode in just one click. Moreover, you can easily toggle between the RTL or LTR for content directions. Primer comes with 5 workable applications, components, and lots of practical pages.

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18. Reactify

Excellent web applications need remarkable dashboards to help you manage it to the utmost. Here’s Reactify, a developer-friendly React template developed with Redux, Redux-Thunk, Webpack 4 and Bootstrap 4. It comes with 5 unique demos for different business needs. You can opt for the eCommerce demo, SAAS, Agency, News and CRM. It is tailored to provide you the finest template with easy-to-use 300+ UI elements, 65+ widgets, 20+ chart widgets and pages.

Since page speeds are no less valuable than the functionality of the template, Reactify ensures that you have a fast loading dashboard. Apparently, it scores high on GTmetrix for its performance score. This React template supports multi-language and RTL even in mobile devices.

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19. Material Design

Don’t just settle for less, pick the most ideal template for your web app’s dashboard. So, feast your eyes in these React templates that are ready to create remarkable user interfaces. Material Design is another resourceful and innovative template you might want to acquire. This template has 3 versions for React, Vue and Angular. For the ReactJS version, it’s built with create-React-app CLI, Redux JS, Material UI and Re-chartJS.

Apparently, this template has altogether 4 demos – you can opt for the ReactJS and Redesign React. When it comes to features, Material Design is also top notch. Basically, it has 100+ UI layout, 15+ components, 20+ JS plugins, and more. For switching between color schemes, you have massive options for the header and sidebar that can be applied with one click.

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20. Veltrix

Clean and minimal dashboards don’t just denote simplicity but elegance and professionalism. Here’s Veltrix, a dashboard template that has various versions. Specifically, Veltrix has HTML versions, React version, NodeJS, Laravel, Ajax and PHP. With the React version, it comes with vertical and horizontal demos. Veltrix has a responsive layout so you will have an optimal experience no matter how you access your dashboard.

As it is built with Bootstrap 4 framework, it will always have consistency across platforms and devices. This React template is enriched with UI elements, authentication pages, extra pages and notifications. It’s also multilingual as it is relevant for any business.

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