QA Testing Process: How to Deliver Quality Software

QA Testing Process: How to Deliver Quality Software

A comprehensive overview of the QA testing process is given. Learn what it takes to get top-notch testing facilities.

As a quality analyst, we are responsible for running system test cycles and pushing releases every two weeks, to ensure that the system is updated to the latest patches and that everything on the live platform is free from error. Each release typically involves both amendments and corrections. In general, the team has 8-10 resources, like the developer and QA team, if we talk about resources.

Therefore, we should always be proactive about every release and avoid any stress during the release. Everything has to be managed properly when it comes to execution from the development end or testing from the QA end. For that purpose, we have to follow proper strategies to ensure that everything is getting tested and the release we approve meets the expected quality standards.

Break away from the conventional roles and obligations of QA

In two cases, we penetrated boundaries. Today, we are a unit confronting customers, because we are directly familiar with our customers with their problems, the problems they encounter with the programme or the highlights on the stage. In addition, we participate actively in the design discussions and/or any feedback that we get from the customers from our goal, to ensure that the customer's vision takes us to the right direction. Our testing experience often helps to identify defects before performing any coding tasks, reducing additional time and reducing work. Thus, we can guarantee that all is done on the basis of the customer timeline and a quality outcome.

Read in detail about how to plan according to priorities and ensure the optimum environment for testing in this article about QA Testing Process:

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