Variables + Javascript

Variables + Javascript

Using Variables

Using Variables

Variable are like containers in JavaScript. Using variables to store data is the foundation of the language, and it is done in three distinct parts.

  1. Variable Declaration: Here the variable is registered in its corresponding scope, the scope of a variable is simply “where the variable can be used.” We’ll be talking more about scope in the next lesson.

These are examples of variable declarations:

var x;
var cup;
var car;
  1. Variable Initialization: This usually occurs when a variable is declared. Here the variable is assigned a memory or space by the JavaScript engine. Because of this, once a variable is declared, it takes a value of undefined even before assignment.
  2. Variable Assignment: Variable assignment is usually the most important step when using a variable. Here the variable is assigned data which is a value using the assignment operator “=”. Values in JavaScript take one of the standard JavaScript datatypes which are:
  3. String
  4. Number
  5. Boolean
  6. Null
  7. Undefined
  8. Any of the complex data structures (Array and Objects)
var x         = 5;             // Number
var name      = "Chris";       // String
var developer = true | false;  // Boolean
var location  = null;          // Null
var blue;                      // undefined

The syntax for assigning data types can be seen above with only strings having single or double-quotes. Also, boolean values are either true or false.

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