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My future goals as an entrepreneur and a graduate is to get a job according to my qualification. Any job in management sphere or any other position in startup companies in technology or marketing fields will be appropriate for me as a business student. Currently, I am trying to find options at either GoDaddy, Crunchyroll, Weebly, or any other similar company. I aim to graduate within the next years with the major distinction or with top grades. Moreover, my future goal refers to working with companies that will give me the opportunity to travel abroad. Thus, it will allow me to learn other important things regarding business and gain new experience. My purpose is to work in a company that is exclusively innovative, engaging, and having friendly atmosphere. Hence, I would like to do everything possible to find my way to the global enterprises. Furthermore I am eager to fulfill my dream of visiting another country. Besides, I am aggressive and hard-working person. Therefore, as long as I love my job, I will work hard to attain my goals. Among all my strengths and values I can mention integrity, assiduity, honesty, friendliness, and responsibility. My mission is to serve a company with a significant experience, and to realize everything I have learned at school fostering the success of such organization. i. How can I achieve what I want in the future? ii. What is the most influential thing I would want to do and does the company support me in doing it? iii. Am I happy with the decision I made? Am I happy with the current state of things? The most impressive thing about me is that I am willing to perform any duty if I am given an opportunity to learn. I have the capability to learn several subjects at a time or learn one at a time if it is convenient to the other party. Furthermore, I will present to my employers an individual who is self-driven, willing to work hard, organized, and determined to produce results meeting the customers expectations. In comparison to other students I am diligent, always ready to learn and improve my skills and help other with their business tasks. Nowadays, I have very limited goals. I aim to graduate, get a job, work for a few years, and then, arrange other things. To achieve these milestones, I will judge myself based on my current position. In case I feel confident, I will work hard to advance my abilities and skills. Conversely, if I am not confident in my new job, I will find a way to improve my skills. I will regard my annual feedback of my bosses. For example, if they are happy with my performance, I will let them know that I am interested in working with them. If they recommend the area for improvement, I will find a way to improve it. I don’t recognize many people who could be my mentor. However, there is one person I would like to get advice from. This is Hayao Miyazaki who works with Studio Ghibi as an animator. Miyazaki’s s film inspired many people. His activity inspires me to visit other countries since I have a dream to become a comic book artist. Moreover, I find my teacher and friends great individuals since they effectively mentor me in the persuasion of my goal and provide support when necessary. Therefore, I can describe my personal business plan as lucrative and resourceful for skills nurturing.

About the author: Victoria Brown is a master in Literature at Maryland University. She is currently working as one of the best writers at the She also studies male psychology.


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