What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)? A Starting Guide

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)? A Starting Guide

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)? A Starting Guide. PWAs are websites that leverage modern web features to deliver an app-like experience. How do they work and benefit your business?

Have you heard of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

Confused by what you have read or heard?

You're probably wondering what a Progressive Web App is?

You are not alone. There is plenty being written and shared about PWAs. Some is of the information and 'gossip' is wrong and some is intentionally misleading.

I hope to lift any fog you may have about PWAs so you are more confident about what they are and why they are the best choice to propel your business forward.

Progressive Web Apps_ are websites that use a combination of modern technologies (APIs), best practices and design concepts to deliver a great, 'app-like' user experience across all platforms._

Progressive Web Apps bring native app features through the web to all platforms and devices using web standards running in a secure context.

Don't think you can build your website to look, feel and act like a native application across all platforms?

I have and do all the time.

I am very excited about progressive web apps (PWAs) and hopefully you are too. Now, let's learn more about what PWAs are so you are armed with the knowledge to help you succeed online.

What is a Progressive Web App?

Websites that behave like native applications, but without the hassle of a mobile app store. They leverage web platform capabilities and user experience best practices to engage with visitors and customers to increase return on investment.

Even if you haven't heard about PWAs or do not know what a PWA is this, this article should provide a thorough introduction. By the end you will know how you can upgrade your existing sites and how to sell the concept to your team and stakeholders.

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