Learn w3schools How to and implement it with Vue

Learn w3schools How to and implement it with Vue

w3schools-vue-components .Learn w3schools How to and implement it with Vue Vue implements many inspirations from Element


Learn w3schools HOWTO and implement it with Vue.

Vue implements many inspirations from Element

Sample page

Source directory

  • The packages directory contains the source code and documentation for each implementation.
  • The src directory contains usage examples.


Use Google material design icons


Current progress

  • Accordion (Accordion Panel)
  • Tabs
  • Vertical Tabs
  • Tab Headers (head tab page)
  • Full Page Tabs (full page tabs)
  • Hover Tabs (mouse movement triggers the corresponding tab)
  • Top Navigation (Navigation Bar)
  • Responsive Topnav (responsive navigation bar)
  • Navbar with Icons (navigation bar with icons)
  • Search Menu (searchable menu)
  • Search Bar (navigation bar + search function)
  • Fixed Sidebar (fixed navigation)
  • Side Navigation (side navigation bar)
  • Responsive Sidebar (responsive navigation menu)
  • Fullscreen Navigation (full screen navigation page)
  • Off-Canvas Menu(???)
  • Hover Sidenav Buttons (mobile trigger navigation display)
  • Sidebar with Icons (with icons sidebar)
  • Horizontal Scroll Menu (Horizontal Scroll Menu)
  • Vertical Menu
  • Bottom Navigation (bottom menu navigation)
  • Responsive Bottom Nav (bottom responsive menu navigation)
  • Bottom Border Nav Links (bottom border navigation)
  • Right Aligned Menu Links (right aligned menu)
  • Centered Menu Link (centered menu)
  • Equal Width Menu Links (equal width menu)
  • Fixed Menu
  • Slide Down Bar on Scroll (drop-down menu)
  • Hide Navbar on Scroll (scrolling hide menu)
  • Shrink Navbar on Scroll (rolling can shrink)
  • Sticky Navbar (fixed navigation bar)
  • Navbar on Image (with pictures)
  • Hover Dropdowns (move trigger dropdown menu)
  • Click Dropdowns (click to trigger drop-down menu)
  • Dropdown in Topnav (top navigation drop-down menu)
  • Dropdown in Sidenav (side navigation drop-down menu)
  • Resp Navbar Dropdown (Responsive navigation dropdown menu)
  • Subnavigation Menu (embedded menu)
  • Dropup (pull-up menu)
  • Mega Menu (many menus)
  • Mobile Menu (mobile terminal menu)
  • Curtain Menu (I don't know how to translate it.. Similar to the stage curtain call display menu)
  • Collapsed Sidebar (collapsible side menu, affecting the size of the content area)
  • Collapsed Sidepanel (collapsible side menu panel, the content area does not affect)
  • Pagination (page effect)
  • Breadcrumbs (bread crumbs)
  • Button Group
  • Vertical Button Group
  • Sticky Social Bar (fixed sharing menu)
  • Pill Navigation (pill navigation?)
  • Responsive Header (responsive navigation)

Download Details:

Author: caizhiyuannn

Demo: https://caizhiyuannn.js.org/w3schools-vue-components/

Source Code: https://github.com/caizhiyuannn/w3schools-vue-components

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