Why Enterprises and Startups Should Choose Flutter For App Development?

Why Enterprises and Startups Should Choose Flutter For App Development?

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App Development is one of the domains that are witnessing growth at a pace faster than ever. The app world is buzzing, and nearly every company now, has an app to promote its products and services. One thing that comes to question here is, which domain should one build the app so as to get maximum traction?

Or, which technology needs to be deployed in order to have the most efficient app built? Android or iOS? Native or cross-platform apps? After a series of debates and discussions, the verdict was inclined more towards cross-platform support. Now, this called for another question, which framework would be best when we talk about cross-platform apps?

While Xamarin and Ionic were doing a great job, the advent of Flutter changed all. The fact that it enables the development of cross-platform apps would sound sufficient to gather attention. It is recently been into talks about undertaking the Hemingway plan. Now, there isn’t any other framework that induces the same, and so, Flutter for app developement is getting one step ahead of all.

Statistical Facts

  • Flutter stands 34th in GutHubs most popular software repo.
  • There exist more than 300 Flutter apps on the Play store.
  • After the beta, there prevail more than 250000 developers of Flutter.

A lot of hype and bundle of facts, but what is Flutter? Apart from the ideology of flutter being a cross-platform app development framework, Flutter is a Google product and open source mobile SDK. Though flutter has been in the industry for long, it was, after Google’s I/O in 2018, that the platform saw the light of the day. Since then, there has been consistent application of the same with the top tech giants, one being Alibaba as the current user of Flutter technology.

Flutter – An Overview

  • Flutter is both free to use and an open-source SDK.
  • The updated version of Flutter is based on Dart (a fast language with features of object-oriented programming
  • Flutter can entail its own widgets, painted with a self-made high-performance engine. These are pretty fast and customizable,
  • The integration of widgets lays an attractive look in the apps, enhancing the user interface and likewise, experience.
  • Flutter’s architecture is based on reactive programming.
  • Flutter is rising to be the competitor of React Native and native app development.

Why Use Flutter For App Development?

Quick Code Compilation: Flutter gives developers the ease to write and manifest changes in a real-time scenario. Meaning that, as and when changes are made in the program, the impact can be viewed then after their across all applications. This function is regarded as Hot Reload. It takes milliseconds for a modification to reflect on the app and has support to plentiful of features. With Flutter, developers work along with designers and testers to analyze bugs and fix them as early as possible. Native app development does not support such kind of testing.

Single Code For Multiple Platforms: Considering the fact that flutter is a cross-platform app development framework, a single piece of code can be used to run applications on all platforms. Also, the framework has its own set of designs and widgets which turns it, platform-independent. On the whole, you can have a similar application for different platforms.

Reduced Testing: Considering the fact that there is a single application for both platforms, testers need not run a separate test scenario for the same. The quality assurance team can take over the entire testing process faster and quicker.

Elegant Designs: Using Flutter, developers can create their own designs and widgets which are far more attractive, and hence, the interface is such that users love to see.

Extended Support For Old Device: No, the app won’t lose out on the compatibility with older versions. The app works well on different software versions, and yes, you need not pay a penny to aid the same.

Sounds excellent right? Well, no doubt Flutter is the present and the future of mobile app development. Given the bundle of benefits to users as well as the developers, Flutter has a long way to go. Having said that, it’s not time to exemplify one of the most enticing features of Flutter mobile app development.

Wondering what.....?

It’s the ability to build a reusable widget using Flutter. We know you too are curious about it, so let’s head towards the technicalities and not waste time further.

Building Reusable Widget

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