How do I Resolve Outlook Error Code 0x800CCC0F? -

How do I Resolve Outlook Error Code 0x800CCC0F? -

Microsoft Outlook is the popular application of MS Office which is used to send and receive emails. But sometime users encounter problems like <strong>Outlook error code 0x800ccc0f</strong>. This error occurs when the user try to send the SMTP...

Microsoft Outlook is the popular application of MS Office which is used to send and receive emails. But sometime users encounter problems like Outlook error code 0x800ccc0f. This error occurs when the user try to send the SMTP based emails. For more details, visit to ms office key downloading.

Way To Fix Outlook Error Code 0x800CCC0F:

  • Verify you’re Connected to the Internet:
First of all, the users have to check that their computer system is sending/receiving data over the Internet or not. For this, they have to open a browser window and then type any website’s URL. If you find that it opens up on your gadget, then this means your computer system is connected. But if it is not, then you have to troubleshoot network connectivity problems. And for this, you need to right-click on your Wi-Fi connection signal or Ethernet cable connection signal and then tap on the “Troubleshoot Problems” from the pop-up menu.
  • Disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus utility:
You need to go to Start option and then tap on Control Panel and then select Network Connection. After this, you need to right click on the internet connection which you’re using. Now, from the menu you need to select ‘Properties’ option. Then, you have to go to the ‘Security’ tab and then turn off the Firewall. At this point, you have to manually add the incoming POP server name ( and also the outgoing SMTP server name ( in the E-mail Accounts in Outlook. For this, you need to visit to Outlook and then select Tools and then click on Email Accounts and after this, tap on View or change existing email accounts and then click on Next. Then, in the Email Accounts dialog box, you need to click on Add option. At this point, you need to click on POP3 and then tap on Next. Here, you have to type the correct information for your POP3 mail server and then hit on Next and click on Finish option. At last, you need to check and then rectify Outlook account settings.

Keep in mind that the settings for Outlook profile will be different for each Outlook version. Here, you can change the profile settings or you can delete the current profile and then create a new profile if you want.  You should carefully change the settings because wrong setting can create a problem. For help, click on office com setup.

  • Start Outlook in Safe mode:
You should start Outlook in Safe mode and this will disables add-ins, and just launch Outlook with the basic settings. If there are any faulty add-ins which is causing the problem, then this will solve the issue. For Safe Mode, go to the ‘Start’ menu, and then open Search or just type Outlook.exe /safe in the Search box and hit on OK button. And if you are using Outlook 2003 and earlier, then you should type this in the Run dialog box.

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  • Run Inbox Repair Tool:
If the above solution cannot fixes the issue, then the problem is in a faulty PST or OST. So, for this you should try to repair it through Microsoft’s inbuilt inbox repair tools ScanPST.exe and ScanOST.exe. You should locate these tools on your computer system and then launch one by one. Here, you also need to specify the PST and OST files which your Outlook profile is using.

For more information, just visit to the official website of MS Office via ms office key installation.

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