How To Delete Files or Folders From Remote Git Repository

How To Delete Files or Folders From Remote Git Repository

Learn how to Delete files or folders from Remote Git Repository. Remove file or folder from both remote repo and local. After removing a file or a folder. Let's get started! Remove file or folder from remote repo only.

GIT is great, it has made collaboration with other developers so easy, I can’t thank GIT enough. But GIT is vast and not every command remains on my mind. I find myself googling over and over again to get that right GIT command that can solve my problem.

Recently when working on one of the projects that had just started, I accidentally pushed the IDE folder to the remote repository and I was there googling again, so I thought, why not write a blog for this? I can always come straight to my blog if this happens again and I can also help my fellow developers this way, right?

All sensitive information and IDE related folders should be added to gitignore so they are not tracked by git. You may already know this, but it doesn’t help if your file or folder is already in the remote repository. Today we will learn how we can remove files or folders from remote repositories. Let’s get started!

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