Mastering Typescript for React Hooks

Mastering Typescript for React Hooks

Let's dive DEEP again into Typescript but this time to look at React Hooks: useState, useEffect, useContext, useContext, useReducer, useRef, Custom hooks, useMemo

Let's dive DEEP again into Typescript but this time to look at React Hooks.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:15 Creating the project
  • 02:25 What hooks we will cover
  • 03:10 useState
  • 08:50 useEffect
  • 14:45 useContext
  • 24:12 useReducer
  • 32:04 useRef
  • 35:06 Custom hooks
  • 43:44 useMemo
  • 47:37 Components: Exporting Props as an interface
  • 50:02 Components: Generic components using const
  • 54:13 Comments and questions, subscribe and take care

Cheatsheet: Code:

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