Disha Ravi's Bail; Toolkit

Disha Ravi's Bail; Toolkit

Disha Ravi was 1st to be arrested as a 'Key Conspirator' in the Toolkit Case'Toolkit is a document created on an issue as a guide to everybody who is associated with the campaign. It provides a Roadma...

Disha Ravi was 1st to be arrested as a 'Key Conspirator' in the Toolkit Case'Toolkit is a document created on an issue as a guide to everybody who is associated with the campaign. It provides a Roadmap of how to take forward the movement, explaining what needs to be done, when, and how?

What is Toolkit?

In a simple way, we explain toolkit is a collection of resources for front-line workers engaged in a task or campaign. A computer is a utility program or integrated set of software utilities containing a complete database related to the topic. Many activists say that it's the collection of Access, use, jobs, innovation, society, trust, and market openness, but some say it's against the government. Now please leave your reviews and though on this topic.

In this case, the toolkit became an accidental disclosure when Greta Thunberg, on February 5, shared a Google document, a "toolkit, inadvertently. She deleted the tweet later, but it became a headline. The toolkit tries to 'explain the farmer' against the Indian government on the Delhi borders over the farm laws.

Climate activist Disha Ravi, who was arrested in the Greta Thunberg toolkit case, was released from Tihar Jail on Tuesday night. Activist Disha Ravi, arrested in connection with allegedly being involved in sharing a "toolkit" on social media related to the farmers' protest, terming the evidence produced by police as scanty and sketchy. The creation of a WhatsApp group or being the editor of an "innocuous Toolkit" is not an offense, said the court. Earlier in the toolkit case, Nikita Jacob, Shantanu, and Disha Ravi have been questioned face to face in the Delhi Police Cyber Cell office. The court granted her bail on the condition to furnish two sureties of rupees one lakh each. The court said that police evidence was "scanty and sketchy" Now, it depends on India's citizens. What is their thought on this matter?

The bail of an alleged toolkit-jeevi is shocking. Some people say that bail is becoming the exception in new India, not the rule, but what you think about this statement? Please share your view on this point in the below comment section. Past one week for 22-year old Disha Ravi is on the trending; people say she will fight Plassey, some of the citizens calling with many names "Motherhood," and some claim that Disha Ravi is Christian. Many other citizens of India saying that "Judge Dharamvir Rana thought otherwise by granting Disha bail and said his judgment is an essential lesson in civics as well. What is your perspective on this topic? Is really Disha Ravi is the culprit, or Is it Judge Dharamvir Rana proof Indian judiciary? This is the question for all over the Indian citizens.

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