Swiggy Clone, Swiggy Clone App, Launch Food Delivery App Like Swiggy

Swiggy Clone, Swiggy Clone App, Launch Food Delivery App Like Swiggy

twitter:description"Swiggy Clone is an online food delivery service solution with terrific features and dynamic workflow. Dominate the on-demand food delivery market with a robust Swiggy clone app. Highly scalable and Ready to launch!

Invade the online Food Delivery Services with unique features that will stand a chance to outward your competitors. The food delivery services will never experience deflation, as people get more accustomed to it. To keep this demand afloat, at Appdupe, we help businesses by providing Swiggy clone script. This blog will help you derive a conclusion to adapt our food delivery clone script.

Before getting to know features of the application, let us have an overview of the app.

  1. The user will log into the app after completing the mandatory registration.
  2. Now, the user will search for their favorite restaurants, and will select the food items based on the category.
  3. The admin will constantly update the availability of the food items.
  4. The user can select any number of food items, and add it to the cart.
  5. The admin will process the order by mapping it to the corresponding restaurants.
  6. Once the order is confirmed, the admin will send the tracking ID to the user.
  7. The delivery person will accept the request, and deliver the order to the user.
  8. The user can make the payment via multiple options like debit/credit cards, COD etc.,

Some of the unique features of the app like Swiggy includes:

Contactless delivery- Users can receive their order from the delivery person at a well-sanitized place outside their home. This ensures contactless delivery. Takeaway- Users can order their food from the app and collect it directly from the restaurant. Safety badges- The restaurants and delivery persons will be assigned with safety badges to vouch that they follow certain safety measures like wearing masks, gloves etc.

Conclusion Our Swiggy like app development undergoes various stages of testing to verify whether the product meets with user requirements. We provide white labels to solutions so that you can rebrand it with your business name and logo.

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