The Top Programming Languages Organizations Rely on Are Javascript, Python, and Java

The Top Programming Languages Organizations Rely on Are Javascript, Python, and Java

The top three languages in the Tidelift 2020 managed open source survey were JavaScript (78%), Python (52%), and Java (41%).

Tidelift's annual managed open-source survey explores how technologists use open source to build applications at work. Over 600 people shared how they use open source software today, what holds them back, and what tools and strategies would help them use it even more effectively.

In this post, we share the sixth of nine key findings. If you don’t wait to wait for the rest of the results, you can download the full survey report right now.

Seeing your favorite language gaining popularity is professionally affirming. The RedMonk Programming Language RankingsTIOBE IndexIEEE Spectrum Interactive RankingsThe State of the OctoverseStack Overflow Developer Survey—all use different methodologies to measure things like attention, job opportunities, and the prevalence of new code being written. 

None will tell you which language is functionally better. Still, they provide actionable insight into 1) which languages you should be learning and 2) which languages you should be using for certain projects. 

We wanted to add some meaning of our own to this crowded pool of data with a few questions about the programming languages technologists rely on most. We started by asking respondents to select the top open-source languages their organization relies on, allowing them to choose up to five languages.

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