Lazy import in Python

Lazy import in Python

In this tutorial. we'll learn Lazy import in Python. Surely you will have a completely different view after reading our article.

in this article, we will learn how to do Lazy import in Python. For this, let’s first understand the lazy import.

What is Lazy Import?

It is a feature of the Pyforest module that allows the user to perform the task without adding libraries to the code snippet as the task of this function is to add those libraries themselves into the code snippet. It was designed for the users who are tired of writing those import statements in the program. It is very useful for the developers who need to write long lengthy codes it gives an edge to them.

Why we need Lazy Import?

As a Python user, we often face the problem of importing multiple modules such as NumPy, pandas, sklearn, nltk, os, sys, pickle, and many others in every program every time which is actually annoying and irritating as we are doing some work which is no benefit, rather is a wastage of time and if any time we forgot to import any module in the program then the program gives an error, and we don’t want our program to crash just because of the modules. 

So Pyforest has made a solution for this problem by creating an in-built function that has the details of almost 99% of the popular modules of Python which identifies the imports we are using and automatically adds the module for the program so that we don’t need to do that again and again. This way it is easier and faster because we can use the pre-installed modules without importing them into different programs, and it also doesn’t add all the modules it checks the program and only the used modules will be added, so there is no such a disadvantage at the ease that we do not need to add those modules, again and again, our work gets done by adding just a single module.

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