What is Smoke Testing? How To Do Smoke Testing Step by Step? 

What is Smoke Testing? How To Do Smoke Testing Step by Step? 

One of the most significant objectives of most, if not all, software development projects, is to get the desired product without spending too much time and money on completing the project.

Smoke testing is also referred to as build verification testing. It is a software testing methodology that includes several non-exhaustive tests that are performed to ensure that the critical functions of a product are in working condition. The findings of this test pay an important role in deciding whether or not the build can move to the critical testing stage. 

Smoke testing is a term that comes from the electronic industry itself. When a hardware component is under repair and if it starts functioning without producing any smoke, the hardware component has cleared the test. Smoke testing touches almost every primary function of a software product without going into the details of any one of them.

smoke testing testing step by step

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