Java vs. Python Comparison: The Battle of Best Programming Language in 2021

Java vs. Python Comparison: The Battle of Best Programming Language in 2021

A guideline on Java Vs. Python to make an informed decision about which programming language to choose for your next product development.

Comparing two programming languages is similar to a comparison between two cars, where two different individuals may have different opinions on both of them. Well, as starters, computer programming languages have come a long way since their inception. Today, everything we dwell upon has to have a programming language behind it, easing away our troubles. 

Two great examples to support the same statement would be the following. Let's start with Zoom, an incredible video-conferencing application on which almost today's world relies on was developed using JAVA and C++. The second example will be a food ordering application that again depends on several different coded script lines.

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Coming back to this article's topic, and the things we are going to talk about while comparing two remarkable programming languages, Python (Snake) and JAVA(Coffee). We are going to evaluate the performance of both the programming languages based on several different factors. Some of our comparison parameters will include their popularity, syntaxes, performance ratio, and how good they both are for applications like Machine Learning, Data analysis, and so on. So without wasting any further time of yours, let us head to finding out which programming language would stand as an excellent prospect if you are learning it in 2021.

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