How to Audit NoSQL for Security Vulnerabilities?

How to Audit NoSQL for Security Vulnerabilities?

SQL injection is one of the popular attack techniques, but it is not just in SQL (relational database) but also in NoSQL (non-SQL or also known as a non-relational database).

SQL injection is one of the popular attack techniques, but it is not just in SQL (relational database) but also in NoSQL (non-SQL or also known as a non-relational database).

Do you know there are more than 100 NoSQL databases are available today?

Thanks to the open-source community.

Which one have you heard of?

MongoDB and Redis probably! Yes, they are very popular.

NoSQL is not a new thing; it was first introduced in 1998 by Carlo Strozzi. But lately, it has gained a lot of popularity with the usage in modern applications. And why not. It is fast and solves some of the traditional relational database issues. There are differences between SQL and NoSQL.

If you are using a NoSQL database such as MongoDB and not sure if they are good for production, don’t expose vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, etc.. The following tools can help you find.


NoSQLMap is an open-source tiny utility based on Python, capable of auditing for finding misconfiguration and automating injection attacks. It supports the following databases at the moment.

  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB
  • Redis
  • Cassandra

To install NoSQLMap, you need Git, Python, and Setuptools module, which you can install below on Ubuntu.

apt-get install python
apt-get install python-setuptools

Once Python is installed, then following to install NoSQLMAP.

git clone
python install

Once done, you can execute ./ from the GIT cloned directory, which will prompt like below.

security database

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