VueJS + Express + GraphQL Boilerplate

VueJS + Express + GraphQL Boilerplate

vuexpresso Vuexpresso is a skeleton app that uses the new techs like `vue`, `vuex`, `graphql`, `webpack`, `apollo`, between others (See complete list below).


Vuexpresso is a skeleton app that uses the new techs like vue, vuex, graphql, webpack, apollo, between others (See complete list below).

Mainly inspired by

Getting Started

Note remember to have Mongo proccess running on the background or edit config/index.js with a cloud mongodb instance (default to localhost)

Take a look here to know how to run the mongo server

git clone
npm install -g babel-cli
yarn dev

Other Commands

yarn run storybook - Serves a play server using storybook

What includes

Graphql server

By default it runs a server on /graphql, in order to make the API calls, you can delete the part where the server is initialized on build/dev-server.js if you have an external API server

GraphiQL UI

default to /graphiql but you can change it on data/base-config.js;

Storybook UI.

It uses Storbook to render and test components much better in real time, check the official repo

Vuex Config.

Vuex is already all setup so you can only worry about adding modules, an example can be found here src/store/modules/notifications.js;

Vue Router

Routes live inside src/routes.js


Using Webpack master example as reference, with slight modifications to make it work with ES6 and graphql

Jade & Stylus

You can easy remove Jade and stylus by simply removing them from the tag like <template lang="jade"></template => <template></template same for stylus.

Libraries and Technologies used


  • Build for Production

Download Details:

Author: Ethaan

Source Code:

vue graphql vuejs vue-js

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