eBay Integration | Sell on eBay | Marketplace Integration | KnowBand

eBay Integration | Sell on eBay | Marketplace Integration | KnowBand

Sell your products on eBay marketplace with eBay Integration extensions offered by Knowand. The feature-rich extension will automatically integrate your e-commerce store with eBay marketplace.

Knowband offers eBay connector module for its Magento 2 store owners. Selling goods on the eBay Marketplace will offer store owners the access to serve in front of a wide range of eBay audiences. Using the Magneto 2 eBay shop integrator the online store owners can easily connect the eBay shop with their online Magento 2 store. The automatic approach of the eBay Magento 2 Marketplace integrator allows the owners to synchronize products listing, orders, revise products, relist products, delete products, update orders and can get listing reports automatically from the eBay store to the Magento 2 shop and vice-versa. Moreover, Magento 2 eBay API Integration module by Knowband allows the sellers to list their products in bulk from their Magento 2 stores on eBay Marketplace. This is image title

Salient features of Magento 2 eBay connector Modules are:

  1. Magento 2 eBay Integrator modules can be installed and Configured in few simple clicks.
  2. eBay Connector plugin of Magento 2 store offers 3 months' full support.
  3. Using synchronizer plugins for Magento 2 store, store owners can bulk import products at eBay store from Magento 2 stores.
  4. Products along with their images, prices, quantities, etc can be easily imported at eBay shop.
  5. All the orders received at the eBay shop can easily be synched from the eBay shop. 
  6. Sellers can easily update the order status from the backend of the store.
  7. Sellers can easily update the eBay orders from the backend of the Magento 2 store.
  8. All the product listing, product details, inventories, orders and order status can be automatically updated Using the real-time synchronization feature of the eBay connector module.
  9. Store owners can map the category and attributes to make the listing process smooth and easy.
  10. Store owners get notified via email alerts about the various activities going in the Marketplace.
  11. All types of products like bundled, simple, and grouped products can be easily uploaded on the Marketplace. To know in-depth about the connector module for eBay, please refer to the User Guide. Besides MA2 eBay Marketplace connector, Knowband offers eBay integrator modules for Prestashop and OpenCart too.  For further information, Contact us at [email protected] for any query or discussion.

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