How To Use Brigade Tool For Event-Driven Scripting

How To Use Brigade Tool For Event-Driven Scripting

Brigade is a tool from the team that brought you Helm and Draft which are designed to assist developers and operations teams to accomplish more work with event-driven scripting. The tool enables teams to build out any ordered workflow of containers in Kubernetes and trigger the workflow by listening for arbitrary events.

Using Kubernetes allows users to not only manage long-standing services, but also run quick short-term tasks that are commonly used for things like event-driven programming, code quality testing, and batch processing.

By leveraging Brigade, users are able to string multiple tasks together and execute them inside containers. It follows the same patterns found in other forms of serverless computing, where a Brigade pipeline is triggered by an event.

At first glance, Brigade:

  • is Kubernetes-native, with one-line installation.
  • supports projects and a customizable event model.
  • uses JavaScript, making a Brigade pipeline an application.
  • enables arbitrarily complex (parallel or synchronous) pipelines.
  • executes functions in containers.
  • fully supports Kubernetes volumes, pods, role-based access control (RBAC), and secrets.

What can I build with Brigade?

You can use Brigade to easily automate just about any process you can think of in your workflow using Javascript. If it can be run with Javascript, you can likely automate it with Brigade. Many users have automated things such as:

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