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Tackling Reactive Programming with Spring 5


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Spring Full Course - Learn Spring Framework in 4 Hours | Spring Framework Tutorial

This Edureka Spring Full Course video will help you learn Spring Framework from scratch with examples. This Spring Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master the Spring Framework. Below are the topics covered in this Spring Framework Tutorial for Beginners video:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:53 What is Spring Framework?
  • 2:30 Java Frameworks
  • 6:57 Spring Framework
  • 10:35 Why Spring Framework?
  • 15:55 Spring Framework Ecosystem
  • 16:35 Spring Framework Architecture
  • 18:13 Spring Modules
  • 21:49 Spring Framework Features
  • 21:55 IoC
  • 24:27 Dependency Injection
  • 25:21 AOP
  • 27:25 MVC
  • 41:55 Spring Tutorial
  • 42:44 Why Java Frameworks?
  • 43:14 Java Frameworks
  • 49:51 Spring Framework
  • 52:17 Why Spring Framework?
  • 56:09 Spring Framework Modules
  • 1:21:13 IoC Container
  • 1:23:16 Bean
  • 1:28:05 Dependency Injection
  • 1:39:04 Aspect-Oriented Programming
  • 1:39:44 Spring AOP Overview
  • 1:40:29 Why AOP?
  • 1:42:00 AOP Core Concepts
  • 1:42:59 AOP Implementation
  • 1:53:23 Types of AOP Advice
  • 1:58:11 Spring AOP AspectJ Annotation
  • 2:02:16 Dependency Injection in Spring
  • 2:03:16 What is Dependency Injection?
  • 2:06:23 Inversion of Control
  • 2:09:06 Types of DI
  • 2:10:32 Benefits of DI
  • 2:13:59 DI Implementation
  • 2:29:59 Spring MVC Tutorial
  • 2:30:57 What is Spring MVC?
  • 2:32:13 Spring MVC Framework
  • 2:33:46 Workflow of MVC
  • 2:35:06 MVC Example
  • 2:35:31 Hands-On
  • 2:46:46 Advantages of Spring MVC Framework
  • 2:47:40 Spring Framework Interview Questions

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Were  Joyce

Were Joyce


Spring Framework: To Use Or Not To Use, That Is The Question

It’s impossible to write OOP code with Spring. From its core it promotes the use of singletons and anemic data structures a.k.a. data “objects” a.k.a. DTO. This fuels procedural programming and kills OOP.

In the next paragraphs I’ll highlight three **major **Spring components involved. I start from the core.

IoC Container

The core of Spring is the IoC container, represented by the

ApplicationContextinterface. Basically it defines a context through which we get beans. A bean is an object managed by the container and it has a name attached to it.

We can configure the context thanks to some annotations, called steorotype. These annotations were introduced in Spring 2.5 and enhanced in Spring 3.0. Previously we could only use an external XML. This was even worse…

So we annotate a class with a stereotype, the container reads it and it builds a bean. A bean is a singleton. For this reason it cannot represent anything specific. This means that to do something useful we should pass around data “objects” through them.

A bean is an object only from a technological point of view. But at the conceptual level it’s just a namespace for procedures. In other words it’s a bunch of procedure grouped by a name. Nothing more. Every bean, regardless the stereotype, is bad.

This is not OOP. But I’m not saying anything new. It’s known that singleton are bad. But this (anti)pattern is the Spring backbone.

At this point it should suffice to say that everything else in Spring is based on bean. This means that every Spring application is composed by bean that works on data structure. Definitely this is not OOP.

However I think that things gets worse with the next two components…

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Were  Joyce

Were Joyce


Spring Integration AWS 2.5.1 and Spring Cloud Stream Kinesis Binder 2.2.0 Available

Dear Spring Community,

Today it’s my pleasure to announce releases of Spring Integration for Amazon Web Services extension versions 2.5.1 and Spring Cloud Stream Binder for AWS Kinesis 2.2.0.

These releases can be downloaded from Maven Central:

compile 'org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-aws:2.5.1'

If you don’t use Kinesis Binder. Or via Binder dependency:

compile ''

Spring Integration for AWS extension of 2.5.1 has some minor bug fixes after the previous 2.5.0 announcement.

The Spring Cloud Stream Binder for AWS Kinesis 2.2.0 is the first release in the project generation which is based on a new independent Spring Cloud for AWS artifact. It also was upgraded to the latest Spring Cloud 2020.0.3 and has some other bug fixes and improvements.

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Were  Joyce

Were Joyce


Spring vs Spring BooDifference Between Spring and Spring Boot

As an extension of the Spring Framework, Spring Boot is widely used to make development on Spring faster, more efficient and convenient. In this article, we will look at some of the parameters were using Spring Boot can drastically reduce the time and effort required in application development.

What is Spring?

Spring Boot

Difference between Spring and Spring Boot

Advantages of Spring Boot over Spring


#full stack development #spring #spring and spring boot #spring boot

Were  Joyce

Were Joyce


Spring Native turns Spring apps into native executables

Spring Native beta release leverages GraalVM to compile Spring Java and Kotlin applications to native images, reducing startup time and memory overhead compared to the JVM.

Spring Native, for compiling Spring Java applications to standalone executables called native images, is now available as a beta release. Native images promise faster startup times and lower runtime memory overhead compared to the JVM.

Launched March 11 and available on, the Spring Native beta compiles Spring applications to native images using the GraalVM multi-language runtime. These standalone executables offer benefits including nearly instant startup (typically fewer than 100ms), instant peak performance, and lower memory consumption, at the cost of longer build times and fewer runtime optimizations than the JVM.

#spring native turns spring apps into native executables #spring native #spring #native executables #spring apps