146 Programming Language Q&A

146 Programming Language Q&A

This time we’ll cover some common questions/answers you may encounter when asked about: Names, Bindings and Scopes Data Types

Back at it again. This time we’ll cover some common questions/answers you may encounter when asked about:

  • Names, Bindings and Scopes
  • Data Types

401. Names are also called ___.

  • Identifiers

402. Why are names also called identifiers?

  • Because they are used to identify a variable, a function, class or other program constructs.

403. Fortran I names had a maximum name length of _____.

  • Six

404. COBOL names had a maximum length of __.

  • 30

405. Name two languages that don’t have a name length limit.

  • Java and C#

406. How are scalar, arrays and hash names defined in Perl?

  • $, @ and %

407. What do the @ and @@ symbols represent in Ruby?

  • Class Instance and Class Object

408. What is a keyword?

  • A word that’s special only in certain context

409. What is a reserved word?

  • A special word that cannot be used as a user-defined name.

410. True or False? Keywords can be overwritten by user-defined names.

  • True

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