Top 30 Git Interview Questions & Answers You Need To Know in 2021

Top 30 Git Interview Questions & Answers You Need To Know in 2021

Top 30 Git Interview Questions & Answers You Need To Know in 2021. We hope that the top Git interview questions helps you in getting your dream job. Top 30 Git Interview Questions and Answers. In Git, you can copy the entire repository on your PC. In SVN, you can commit only when you are online, unlike Git where you can commit even when offline.

Git is increasing in popularity. Developers continuously work towards releasing newer versions of the non-beta app to fix bugs or to improve its functionality. Git serves by acting as a version control where all the changes are stored in one central repository.

Every developer in a team can view the versions, make changes, and then upload it. It also works incredibly well for people working in remote teams or working from home. Git is not just used by developers. Even non-developers in the team can use it to get the latest version or a particular version of an app and use it for testing or for other works.

Where Git is a command-line tool, Git Hub is the centre, where programmers save their projects and communicate with a team.

Thus, having the knowledge of Git is in demand, and with the increase in demand, we have formed a set of Git Interview Questions that would help you secure a job. To make it easier to understand, we will divide the GitHub Interview Questions into three sections – Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance.

Basic Level Git Interview Questions

 Q.1) Explain the difference between SVN and Git

Q.2) What is Git?

Q.3) What is the difference between GitHub and Git?

 Q.4) What are the advantages of using the Version Control System?

Q.5) What language is used in Git?

 Q.6) Tell us some Git repository hosting functions

Q.7) How do you commit to Git?

Q.8) How can you fix a broken commit?

Q.9) What does a repository mean in Git?

Q.10) How can you create a repository?

Q.11) Explain ‘bare repository’ in Git?

Q.12) What do you mean by a ‘conflict’ in git?

Q.13) What is git is-tree?

Q. 14) How do you solve a conflict if it arises in Git?

Q.15) If a commit is already pushed and made public, how do you revert it back in Git?

Q.16) What is SubGit?

Q.17) What is the difference between git pull command and git fetch command?

Q.18) What is ‘index’ or ‘staging area’ in Git?

Q.19) What is git stash? How do you apply it?

Q. 20) How is git diff different from ‘git status’?

Q.21) How is ‘git remote’ different from ‘git clone’?

Q.22) Describe the branching strategies

Q.23) Explain the Gitflow workflow?

Q. 24) How does one figure out if a branch is merged to master?

Q.25) How can you remove a file from git without deleting it from your file system?

Q.26) Explain rebasing and merge in Git?

Q.27) How do you squash the last N commits into a single commit?

Q.28) What are the steps to integrate Jenkins with Git?

Q.29) Explain what is Git bisect, and how do you use it to get to the source of a bug? 

Q.30) Explain a git reflog?

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