PHP Developer Salary in India in 2021 [For Freshers & Experienced]

PHP Developer Salary in India in 2021 [For Freshers & Experienced]

PHP Developer Salary in India in 2021 [For Freshers & Experienced] What is the average PHP Developer Salary in India? We will salary for a PHP Developer in India and the various factors that affect this figure. Your qualification, skills, experience of the technology, and understanding.

Wondering what is the range of PHP developer salary in India?

PHP developers are an important cog in the wheel at organizations that understand how significant their online visibility and presence are. PHP developers have a big role to play in ensuring that functions and processes that are dependent on the web and IT infrastructure always run in a smooth and efficient manner.

As a result of its adaptable nature, it has become one of the most high-in-demand languages around the world. As a result, a PHP developer salary in India is significantly increasing.

These developers make use of PHP and other  programming languages to create systems that are easy to manage as well as provide easy access to reports and data that are present in the databases of a website’s infrastructure. As you can see, the role of PHP developers is huge for every business.

No wonder they are always in demand. In this blog, we will first discuss what PHP is, what are its benefits, and then move onto the roles and responsibilities of PHP developers. Finally, we will talk about the PHP developer’s salary in India and the various factors that affect this figure.

What is PHP?

PHP is an acronym for hypertext preprocessor. It is amongst the most popular and developer-friendly open-source server-side scripting languages that are used to dynamic web pages. Its original name was personal home page, and the credit for its development goes to Rasmus Lerdorf. It is a server-side language, which means the execution of scripts happens at the site where the server is located while the results are displayed in HTML format on the web browser.

PHP is one of the very few scripting languages that provide no issues during integration with databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, amongst others. The current version of the language is PHP 7.4. It is one of the most powerful languages and at the same, very easy to learn as well.

Some of the most popular websites, like and, are built on PHP. There are several reasons that we can attribute to this popularity, but one of the biggest ones that we want to highlight is its ability to get embedded in HTML files. Also, a PHP file can be used to write HTML codes. HTML is a client-side language, so it is bound to be different from PHP.

As already discussed, code execution in PHP takes place on the server-side while it happens on the browser itself when it comes to HTML. The client only knows information that is provided in form the result after execution of the PHP script. They have no knowledge about original PHP files that lie on the server-side and carry the code. In addition to HTML, PHP is also compatible with JavaScript, CSS, and other client-side languages.

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