How to Survive Your First Year as a Professional Junior Developer

How to Survive Your First Year as a Professional Junior Developer

How not to turn your first 2 years of coding into a complete disaster. How to Survive Your First Year as a Professional Junior Developer. How not to turn your first 2 years of coding into a complete disaster.

My first two years as a software professional were a complete disaster, and it was all my fault.

I didn’t have clear in my mind how I should have behaved, and what was really expected from me. That’s why I was so unsuccessful in being a developer at the time. And I can now still clearly remember how all those first 2 years of experience always ended up: with me desperately trying to leave a company office for the other, trying to start again.

Only now, in my current position, I have been able to look back and connect the dots on all I did wrong, and how I could have done and behaved differently.

This guide is just that, a series of lessons I have connected and prepared for you to take inspiration from. To make sure you will have the first 2 or 3 canonical years in software development not being a terrible experience but, instead, a wonderful memory to look back at and use as a trampoline for the future.

Take Your Responsibilities From the First Moment

The first day you sit on your cubicle’s chair, you better realize that you are a professional now. You get paid from your boss who expects you to dedicate 40 or more hours a week thinking about his|her problems, not yours. Please, realize the number of important responsibilities you have.

You have them toward you code, for it not be a crazy mess who will destroy the project but instead be of high quality. Something simple, understandable, maintainable and scalable. You have to take accountability for how you interact with the code structure, and what traces you will leave for other developers in the future.

You have them toward your peers, in how constructively you communicate with the team and how you much you are able to respect your given words for something you said you would do in time and well.

Professionals are so-called because they take responsibilities they always respect. This professionalism title comes at a price, but it’s all worth in the end to be able to say loudly that you are a true quality developer.

Learn to Focus

Coding is not something you can afford to do while being distracted. The art of software development is actually quite egoistic, as you’re not allowed to have something else in your mind at the moment you are exercising your crafts.

Learn the importance of being focused early, otherwise, your job will easily become a mess. Because the result of not being focused are silly errors, wrong choices and hidden bugs.

I suggest you exercise on how to leave your personal problems behind at least for those 8 hours you’re working. Find something which makes you want to stay focused. Whether that is a time management technique or listening to some cool music.

Especially in these times of a pandemic, I wrote two guides for you on how to find the best mood and mind state when coding.

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