TypeScript Tutorial - State of the Union

TypeScript Tutorial - State of the Union

TypeScript Tutorial - State of the Union

TypeScript has come such a long way in the last few years, and in this talk Microsoft MVP for TypeScript – James will walk you through the latest and greatest that the tool has to offer. You may well have seen and dismissed TypeScript a couple of years ago as being too difficult to get started with, or simply too different from the JavaScript you know and love. Oh, does James have some surprises for you! EVENT: Web Unleashed 2018 SPEAKER: James Henry

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Por qué DEBES aprender TYPESCRIPT (Typescript vs Javascript)

Habéis oido hablar de TypeScript? Porqué se está utilizando y qué aporta que no tenga JavaScript? Se puede utilizar con Angular o con React? En el backend? En éste vídeo os explico porqué utilizo TypeScript y cómo instalarlo!

Builder Pattern in JavaScript/TypeScript

This article is not just about Builder Pattern in JS/TS, I will be explaining my thought process behind it and see if you can relate yourself to this. I believe everybody has a unique way of solving problems, hope you get something to learn from it.

How to Migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript

Converting a JavaScript codebase over to TypeScript is, while somewhat tedious, usually not challenging. In this tutorial, we’re going to look at how to migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript. TypeScript doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It was built with the JavaScript ecosystem in mind, and a lot of JavaScript exists today.

TypeScript for JavaScript Developers

TypeScript is an object-oriented programming language developed and maintained by the Microsoft Corporation. It is a superset of JavaScript and contains all of its elements. TypeScript is a compiled language. You write TypeScript and it compiles to JavaScript. Essentially, you’re writing JavaScript, but with a type system. JavaScript developers should have a seamless transition because the languages are the same