GraphQL: Understanding Datafetchers and it's use

GraphQL: Understanding Datafetchers and it's use

GraphQL is a query language introduced by Facebook. To get in basic detail you can visit previous blogs. Here we will discuss DataFetchers.

DataFetchers Data fetchers are also known as “Resolvers” in many graphql implementations”. Resolver function is the place where graphql resolves the type or the field and gets its value from the configured resources like a database or other APIs or from cache etc and returns data back to user/caller.

How graphql fetches data Each field in graphql has been associated with graphql.schema.DataFetcher. Some fields will use specialized data fetcher code that knows how to go to a database say to get field information while most simply take data from the returned in-memory objects using the field name and Plain Old Java Object (POJO) patterns to get the data.

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