Gender Reveal Blood Test | How It Works So Accurately?

Gender Reveal Blood Test | How It Works So Accurately?

The gender reveal blood test provides results with high accuracy. We perform quick and easy blood test with next day results at our studio. Visit today.

Parents expecting a baby are often curious to know more about their precious one. The excitement increases with each passing day as the parents embrace themselves for the newest member in 40 weeks’ time after conceiving. Since technology has opened doors to exciting things, now parents can plan for life after the baby’s birth in advance. Gender reveal blood test is one such technological endowment that reveals gender of a baby 8 weeks into pregnancy.

Discover how the gender reveal blood test reveals gender of a baby with high accuracy.

What Is a Gender Reveal Blood Test? The news of pregnancy spreads a wave of joy throughout the family. In addition to the congratulatory messages and blessings, one common question is often asked, what are you expecting? A boy or a girl? Parents also wonder about the sex of their unborn child as their life takes a beautiful turn. To answer this, gender reveal blood test is done that is known to identify the baby’s sex with an accuracy of over 99%.

What Technology Does Gender Reveal Blood Test Use? There is a special bond between a mother and the child growing inside her womb. The mother’s bloodstream has fetal DNA circulating with it as the pregnancy crosses 8 weeks. Explaining it in more technical terms, cell-free fetal DNA is released by the placenta and can be found in mom’s bloodstream. Through the PCR technology, we detect the presence or absence of the ‘Y’ chromosome in the blood sample collected after 8 weeks into pregnancy.

Through the results, we identify the sex of the baby, i.e. if the Y chromosome is detected, it’s a male and if not, it’s a female. The results are reported to be highly accurate and help parents to plan their child’s future.

The test is non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) of fetal sex and it is deemed safe for both mom and the baby. When and How You Can Take Up This Test? The test is quite simple and it doesn’t take much of your time. All you need to do is visit the ultrasound studio offering gender reveal services through. The best time for pregnant mothers to visit an ultrasound studio is when she completes 8 weeks of gestation.

Once you are there, the mother’s blood sample will be collected in a clinical setup and will be taken away for further analysis. The process takes only a few minutes to finish and the results come the very next day after analysis. Benefits Of Gender Reveal Blood Test Upon receiving the results, parents can use it to their advantage in multiple ways. Some of the notable benefits are as follows: Parents can do family planning after knowing the gender. They can plan their finances accordingly and even paint the nursery. They can also throw up a gender reveal party to share the joy with their family and friends. Surprise Yourself With Our Clinical Gender Blood Test * At Mommyandme, we have trained professionals who carefully collect your blood sample at our studio. After a thorough analysis, we provide the results the next day via email. The process is quick, easy and accurate. *We collect blood samples on every Tuesday and Thursday.

Visit the studio if you are 8 weeks into your pregnancy.

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