How to Control Inefficient Time Attendance Process in Dubai?

How to Control Inefficient Time Attendance Process in Dubai?

The absence of employees is a major problem for most organizations. The high price of absenteeism affects companies even more when considering lost productivity, morale and temporary labour costs. This makes the administration and maintenance of...

The absence of employees is a major problem for most organizations. The high price of absenteeism affects companies even more when considering lost productivity, morale and temporary labour costs. This makes the administration and maintenance of employee time and attendance records crucial for an organization. An inefficient and poorly executed attendance software can become a bottleneck for the productivity of the organization.

Traditional manual assistance software’s that were assigned manual data entry are inefficient and prone to errors; they also significantly increase the employee’s workload. All this has changed with the modern assistance software that automates the main processes and saves your organization time and money.

It is crucial to managing your employees efficiently to achieve business goals. The most effective way to manage employees effectively is to learn more about modern time and attendance management software in Dubai. The business HR leaders implement the top HRMS software in Dubai to assist their human resources department. Irrespective of what the leaders choose, one size fits all solutions or customize the attendance software as per their needs. This software solution will help the human resource department in multiple processes.

Let’s see some important factors that make modern time and attendance management software in Dubai essential for your organization.


Keep Record of Working Hours:

Most human resource management software in Dubai comes equipped with the timesheet management software that offers full timesheet capabilities needed to track project hours and instances out of the office. In addition, it provides complete freedom for employees to request leaves or work from home from the software interface.

Automatic Change Management:

Organizations can easily create and manage employee shifts. The time and attendance system in UAE gives you the functionality to assign separate shifts for different employees depending on the departments, types of employees and locations of multiple offices. In addition, each employee can decide how much time he wants to devote to work and in what part of the day. This can drastically improve employee morale and result in higher productivity; especially if your organization has employees who are parents or students.

Flexibility to work:

By addressing concerns about the increasing absences of employees, today’s companies offer their employees the option of working from home, as long as the need arises. This is especially significant if you consider the nature of work and the connected work environments of today. This can also be true for employees who work in remote locations. The integrated HR Software in Dubai allows your employees to easily register assistance from any location.

Integrations included with biometrics:

The biometric device can be seamlessly integrated with the cloud-based HR software that will provide real-time information on employee entry and exit times. Keeping track of accurate and well-organized records of employee attendance data is important for the accurate assessment of your performance with the help of payroll software in Dubai. These will not only make the company get the most out of each and every employee, but it will also help make accurate decisions to reward employees who deserve it. For companies looking to keep up with the times and migrate to modern assistance software, the best news is that it can be easily integrated with existing software.

Features of Attendance Software in Dubai

Performance Management Software 360-degree feedback form Compensation Planning & Administration Social Recognition

Workforce Administration

Leave Management Software Time and Attendance Management Software Shift & Scheduling Claims & Reimbursements Timesheet Management Software

Zapio’s Software

HR Software – HRMS Cloud Payroll Management Software Employee Self Services HR Analytics Software

Talent Management Software

Recruitment Management Software Applicant Management New Hire on Board Succession Planning


Time and attendance information is significant for any business organization as it helps to fasten the business processes and track employee performances. By implementing time and attendance software in Dubai, the businesses can precisely watch what are the impacts made by their strategic decisions on employee representatives. If you are looking for good attendance software in Dubai for your business, drop an email at [email protected] or contact us today at +971 52 708 1010. We offer a free trial and demo of our software to analyze the strength and potentiality.

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