Conversion of Entity to DTO Using ModelMapper

Conversion of Entity to DTO Using ModelMapper

In this post, I will show how we can achieve the conversion of entity to DTO using the ModelMapper library. Surely you will have a completely different view after reading our article.

In this post, I will show how we can achieve the conversion of entity to DTO using the ModelMapper library. We will basically create a simple REST API for orders while showing the transformation of Entity to DTO and vice versa.

Understanding Enterprise Architecture

In most enterprise architecture, you will have REST APIs. A consumer of these APIs sends a request and the server responds with a response. The transformation of request to response happens behind the API. You perform business logic and modify these objects.

Traditionally, there are three layers in the architecture. Web layer, business layer, and database layer.

So, your object in the database layer will be completely different from the same object in the web layer. Database entities from the database layer contain certain fields that you don’t need in the web layer. More so, any object from the web layer should be user-friendly. Users don’t have to guess what they are dealing with. It should be self-explanatory. This will be more clear when I show the implementation of this.

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