Pagination in Streamlit

Pagination in Streamlit

Using session states to implement next/previous functionality


This post is aimed toward demonstrating the use of session state in Streamlitfor storing info about certain variables and prevent them from updating across runs. But what is Streamlit ?

Streamlit is a python library which is aimed to make the process of building web applications to showcase your work very easy for python developers. Until the arrival of this package Flask and Djangowere the goto libraries which developers chose to use in order to develop and deploy their application over the web; however both these frameworks required the user to write HTML/CSS code to render their work as a web-app. Streamlit abstracts all this and provides an easy pythonic interface for adding custom components like sliders, dropdowns, forms, textboxes etc. while also allowing people to add their own custom HTML/CSS components. If you’re new to Streamlit, their official documentation is very good to get you started with the same.

In this post, I am going to be discussing how we could build a component which could help implement pagination support as it is not something that is provided out of the box and needs a small hack of SessionStates.

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