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Configuring Your Flask Application

Best practices on configuring Flask neatly and securely. Handle environment-specific configurations with ease and keep sensitive values out…

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Configuring Your Flask Application
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Download a Flask template ready to plug in your business logic

Let’s assume after lots of hard work you have your machine learning model running the way it should. This model could be one which responds to a user’s request to classify a tweet sentiment or identify objects in an image or recommend a product or some other algorithm unique to your needs. You would now like to quickly deploy this model. The article below is an explanation of the template that I have created to get you up and running quickly.

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Web development with python and flask: part 3

In this part of the series, we will be taking a look at the HTTP protocol, request/response objects, their application in flask, properties, and their related methods. We will take steps to import it from the flask module, use its properties, and look at some of its related usages

Web applications implement one of the internet data and message exchange architectures that is based on HTTP protocol. The HTTP protocol is just one of the many application layers of TCP/IP. The TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is used as a standard for transmitting data over networks. In simple terms, HTTP has rules, properties, and methods that implement the transmission of messages in form of hyperlinks over the communication structures enforced by the TCP/IP.

.You must know that the internet is based on connected physical computational devices over either copper wires, fiber optical cables, wireless, and other media to form data transmission and retrieval systems across the globe. Trust me, that is a whole career field in itself and we are not interested in its elaborate ramblings in this post.

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The Rising Value of Big Data in Application Monitoring

In an ecosystem that has become increasingly integrated with huge chunks of data and information traveling through the airwaves, Big Data has become irreplaceable for establishments.

From day-to-day business operations to detailed customer interactions, many ventures heavily invest in data sciences and data analysis  to find breakthroughs and marketable insights.

Plus, surviving in the current era, mandates taking informed decisions and surgical precision based on the projected forecast of current trends to retain profitability. Hence these days, data is revered as the most valuable resource.

According to a recent study by Sigma Computing , the world of Big Data is only projected to grow bigger, and by 2025 it is estimated that the global data-sphere will grow to reach 17.5 Zettabytes. FYI one Zettabyte is equal to 1 million Petabytes.

Moreover, the Big Data industry will be worth an estimate of $77 billion by 2023. Furthermore, the Banking sector generates unparalleled quantities of data, with the amount of data generated by the financial industry each second growing by 700% in 2021.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways application monitoring can use Big Data, along with its growing importance and impact.

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Python Flask-Mail Library to Send Emails in Browser Using Flask Full Project For Beginners

Python Flask-Mail Library to Send Emails in Browser Using Flask Full Project For Beginners

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Welcome Folks My name is Gautam and Welcome to Coding Shiksha a Place for All Programmers. You can learn Web Development and Programming Tutorials.

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Here Are The Features That A Cloud Based SaaS Application Requires

Fast setup and slick UIs create incredible first impressions on users. However, enterprise managers are aware of the fact that they are at the tip of the iceberg. One of the features of a SaaS is interoperability, and such aspects are the ones that business owners need to lay a solid foundation.

Are you aware of the term “Software as a Service (SaaS)?” You probably heard it several times, but you may not know what it’s all about. Well, a SaaS, designed by a cloud-based application development company, is a cloud-based service that helps consumers gain access to software applications over the web. These applications remain hosted on the cloud and used for various purposes by companies as well as individuals.

SaaS created by a cloud-based application development company is the best alternative to traditional software installation systems. You may compare it with a TV channel that’s available for subscription. The user connects to a remotely-located base on a central server and uses a license to access data.

In other words, SaaS offers a method of software delivery by which you can access data from any device connected to the internet. Of course, this particular device should have a web browser. Software vendors host everything associated with the application, including servers, code, and databases.

Explore more: https://www.moontechnolabs.com/blog/here-are-the-features-that-a-cloud-based-saas-application-requires/

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