How to Check Your Twilio Account Balance using PHP

How to Check Your Twilio Account Balance using PHP

How to Check Your Twilio Account Balance using PHP. Learn how to check your Twilio account balance from within your PHP app. In the command line, create a new directory called twilio-balance and change into the directory using the following commands: $ mkdir twilio-balance $ cd twilio-balance. $ touch balance.php. 01/Accounts/ACXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/Balance.json.

Developers often forget that when building a communication-based app it’s important for you to monitor costs in real time. Imagine you’ve built a bulk SMS application and need to send one message to 1,000 subscribers. You already know that (in the US) this SMS will cost you $7.50 USD ($.0075/msg), but are you aware of the available balance on your account to send it? The answer is in the console, but it’s tedious logging into your Twilio account every time you need to use the API within your app.

If you’re building a PHP application that needs to calculate API costs before use, this tutorial is for you! Maybe your application needs to check your balance before  sending SMS or alert you when you’ve used too many  voice minutes. Whatever the use case, this quick tutorial will help you integrate your balance into your PHP app.

Get Started

This tutorial aims to keep the steps as minimal as possible. Therefore, you won’t need many requirements or frameworks to install to get started. Just make sure that you have the following set up or installed:

  • A Twilio account (If you don’t have one,  here’s $10 to get started). If you have already set up your account,  login to grab your Account SID and Auth Token and copy to a secure location on your computer.
  • Composer (the PHP dependency manager), globally installed.

At this point the assumption is being made that you already have PHP installed locally.

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