4 Front-End Trends and 1 Loser

4 Front-End Trends and 1 Loser

Things to look for in 2021

Things to look for in 2021

I know it’s just November, but many of us want this year to end, so let’s take a peek at what may be the most important front-end trends in 2021 — and one trend that I don’t think will prevail.


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According to the documentation, Svelte is a component framework — like React or Vue — but with an important difference. The difference is Svelte runs at build time, converting your code to highly efficient JavaScript. So you can get the benefits of the component framework without the performance penalty.

Svelte has been around for a few years, with the latest version (3) shipping in 2019. It has over 39K stars on GitHub, but it’s not widely used in bigger projects, as it’s still perceived as immature. So why will 2021 be the decisive year for Svelte’s popularity?

The typical problem with component frameworks is they are rendered client-side, so search bots get an almost empty HTML, which is bad for SEO. To alleviate that problem, each library has its solutions. For Svelte, it was usually Sapper. But in October, at Svelte Summit 2020, its creator decided to ditch Sapper and propose a new way of making Svelte applications.

The new approach will be based on a  SvelteKit. Its goal is to focus on the developer experience, with fast builds, hot module reloading, error overlays, and serverless support. If Svelte can add a seamless experience and out-of-the-box SSR support, it may be a game-changer.

So it seems Svelte is going to provide a first-class experience for the developer. But will it be enough to convince them to use it?

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