8 Indian Blockchain Startups To Watch Out For

Blockchain, a decentralised, distributed ledger for digital information, was one of the most disruptive technologies that defined the last decade. It powers cryptocurrencies and NFTs and can radically change multiple sectors, including payments, cybersecurity and healthcare.

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8 Indian Blockchain Startups To Watch Out For
Tamia  Walter

Tamia Walter


How R3's Blockchain Is Increasing Levels Of Automation In Organisations

According to Gartner, the business value added by blockchain technology is expected to increase more than $176 billion by 2025 and exceed $3.1 trillion by the year 2030. The blockchain technology delivers a real impact in a number of sectors within the APAC region and acts as an important part of the technology stack among organisations.

India has seen exponential technological growth over the years—being the country with the second-highest number of internet users in the world and is home to the world’s third-largest technology start-up hub. India has the capability to become a global leader in the wide-scale adoption of blockchain technology and has already started to establish its visibility in the blockchain industry as one of the leading nations in blockchain patents.

By far, the active applications of blockchain technology have been achieving the most traction in sectors, such as financial services, supply chain, and insurance industry in India. With a similar vision, US-based R3 has been striving for enterprise blockchain adoption across verticals as well as exploring the industry use cases of blockchain in India.

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Blockchain Certification | Blockchain Training Course | Blockchain Council

In all the market sectors, Blockchain technology has contributed to the redesign. The improvements that were once impossible have been pushed forward. Blockchain is one of the leading innovations with the ability to influence the various sectors of the industry. It also has the ability to be one of the career-influencing innovations at the same time. We have seen an increasing inclination towards the certification of the Blockchain in recent years, and there are obvious reasons behind it. Blockchain has everything to offer, from good packages to its universal application and futuristic development. Let’s address the reasons why one should go for Blockchain certification.

5 advantages of certification by Blockchain:

1. Lucrative packages- Everyone who completes their education or upskills themselves wants to end up with a good bundle, not only is one assured of a good learning experience with Blockchain, but the packages are drool-worthy at the same time. A Blockchain developer’s average salary varies between $150,000 and $175,000 per annum. Comparatively, a software developer gets a $137,000 per year salary. For a Blockchain developer, the San Francisco Bay area provides the highest bundle, amounting to $162,288 per annum. There’s no point arguing that learning about Blockchain is a smart decision with such lucrative packages.

2. Growing industry- When you select any qualification course, it becomes important that you choose a growing segment or industry that promises potential in the future. You should anticipate all of these with Blockchain. The size of the blockchain market is expected to rise from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025. This will see an incredible 67.3 percent CAGR between 2020-2025. To help business processes, several businesses are outsourcing Blockchain technologies. This clearly demonstrates that there will be higher demand in the future for Blockchain developers and certified Blockchain professionals.

3. Universal application- One of the major reasons for the success of Blockchain is that it has a global application. It is not sector-specific. Blockchain usage cases are discovered by almost all market segments. In addition, other innovations such as AI, big data, data science and much more are also supported by Blockchain. It becomes easier to get into a suitable industry once you know about Blockchain.

**4. Work protection-**Surely you would like to invest in an ability that ensures job security. You had the same chance for Blockchain. Since this is the technology of the future, understanding that Blockchain can keep up with futuristic developments will help in a successful and safe job.

**5.**After a certain point of your professional life, you are expected to learn about new abilities that can help enhance your skills. Upskilling is paramount. Upskilling oneself has become the need for the hour, and choosing a path that holds a lot of potential for the future is the best way to do this. For all computer geeks and others who want to gain awareness of emerging technology, Blockchain is a good option.

Concluding thoughts- opting for Blockchain certification is a successful career move with all these advantages. You will be able to find yourself in a safe and secured work profile once you have all the knowledge and information. Link for Blockchain certification programme with the Blockchain Council.

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Autumn  Blick

Autumn Blick


Learn To Make Better Marketing Decisions For Your Blockchain Startup

Today what I want to talk to you about is who should influence your marketing decisions.

How to approach your blockchain startup marketing decision-making?

What is that one thing that is very important to take into account and why?

I feel like there are many things that are going wrong, if you don’t really have the right mindset into place.

So what I’m talking about today is your user, whoever you are building, whatever your startup is building for.

So why is it so important?

It’s important because many blockchain founders think that they ARE their customer so they are building things for THEMSELVES.

But it’s not always the case.

And if your customer profile is DIFFERENT from yours, then whether you like your marketing ideas or not is completely IRRELEVANT.

It’s very important to know who you are building the thing for and who is going to be your user, because the better you know that users, the better you will know how to approach them and how to attract them and how to make them actually want to use your product.

So that’s the most important thing that you should focus on.

Very often we have this common mistake of who blockchain startups are marketing to.

Startups’ budgets are limited.

Most probably you don’t have too much money to spend on marketing, which means that you have to be very strategic in terms of where you spend that money, how do you spend the money and how do you make sure that the money brings the right ROI and that your funds have been spent efficiently. Especially in the blockchain space where everything is quite expensive.

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5 Blockchain Applications That Have Transformed the World of Technology

The blockchain is the decentralized database of the blocks of information, which gets recorded in the chain format and linked in a secured crypto graphical manner. This technology ensures proper safety of the data due to its secure nature, and it totally changes how people carry out transactions. It also brings about a faster and secure process of validating information needed to establish reliability.

Though blockchain technology came into the market to carry out only digital transactions, it is now used in various industries like supply chain, finance, health care, and many more.

The blockchain technology has made its position in mobile app development as well. Blockchain applications are transparent and accountable. From getting easy access to medical records and buying insurance, you can see blockchain applications everywhere.

Here are some of the areas where you can see the use of blockchain applications and how they have changed various industries.

1. Ripple

Ripple is useful for increasing banking transactions. The implementation of blockchain technology in the financial sector is much more profound than any other sector. Ripple proves this. It is one of the greatest tools to record and complete financial transactions.

It develops a large network despite strict physical boundaries. As there is no such third-party involvement present, the cost of these transactions is lower than usual. At the same time, the network also remains transparent and quite secured.

It is normally seen that financial transactions that happen globally are

error-prone and take a lot of time. In addition to this, when the transaction

fees and exchange rates get added up, the total cost usually gets high.

However, Ripple offers real-time international transactions without spending too much money. It has the network of about 200+ institutions making the process affordable, secure, and fast for all sorts of international transactions.

2. Etherisc

This blockchain application helps in automating flight insurance. Insurance is another area where blockchain is gaining popularity. Through this application, insurers can make smart contracts rather than getting involved in the traditional contracts that are usually complex. Etherisc is the blockchain application that helps customers buy flight insurance. If the flight gets canceled or delayed, they do not have to wait for months to get the payment back. This application ensures an on-time payout.

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Ilene  Jerde

Ilene Jerde


How This Cybersecurity Startup Is Using Machine Learning

The COVID pandemic has massively escalated the surge of cyberattacks and data breaches despite having robust security controls, software, and solutions abundantly available in the market. A lot of this could be attributed to the vulnerability businesses offer the cybercriminals to take advantage of the situation quickly. While the conventional cybersecurity approach has benefited many, having cybersecurity without cyber-intelligence and necessary awareness can put the security professionals off-guarded to more complicated and novel threats.

Furthermore, with limited cybersecurity resources, businesses need to prioritise their efforts to strengthen cyber posture effectively; however, many organisations do not have an anchor point or a guiding principle, to begin with. With cyber-intelligence inputs missing from cybersecurity capabilities like incident management, vulnerability management, risk assessment and brand monitoring, businesses end up running their security practice in silos instead of an integrated approach.

And, thus, in an attempt to revolutionise the cyber threat visibility and intelligence market, CYFIRMA, a cyber analytics startup assists businesses to understand the relevance of the current threat landscape. Not only it provides insights on threat actors and indicators, emerging threats and digital risks, but also automatically applies intelligence into cyber posture management. To dig deeper, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with the chairman and CEO of the company, Kumar Ritesh, to understand how the company uses a predictive intelligence-driven approach to discover cyber threats.

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