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Microservices In Practice: Developing Instagram Clone —Post Service

This is part 5 of Developing Instagram Clone series, other parts are linked below

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Post service is a straight forward service, it provides a CRUD operations for user posts.

It uses MongoDB as a data store and Apache Kafka as a messaging system.

Post service endpoints

Looking into PostApi controller, you’ll find the following endpoints are exposed.

POST "/posts"  //creates new post

DELETE "/posts/{id}" //deletes post by id
GET "/posts/me" // finds current user posts
GET "/posts/{username}" // find user posts
POST "/posts/in" // find posts by ids

Post service and repository

It is using Spring data MongoDB, all you have to do to provide an interface and the operations (following spring data conventions) and spring will provide the implementations for you.

Nothing fancy here, I think method names are descriptive.

Also, post service is self descriptive, it provides CURD operations for Post object (create, update, delete, … etc). You’ll find it uses PostEventSender to send Kafka messages which I will discuss in the next section.

Messaging (Kafka messages)

It is uses Spring cloud stream, for more info about it, refer to Auth Service.

As you can see, it publishes an event to momentsPostChanged to topic whenever a new post is created, updated or deleted.

We will need to listen to these events to update users’ feed, which we will discuss later in the Feed service.

For kafka configurations, also refer to Auth Service.

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Microservices In Practice: Developing Instagram Clone —Post Service

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Instagram Clone | Instagram Clone App Development | App-like Instagram

Introduction to social media is a needless thing as we all are aware of how successful they are. They provide a social networking platform for people to connect with others across the world. Instagram, the photo-sharing social networking site, has gained a huge user base. The app is a photo-sharing medium where people can post their photos and videos more than social media.

If the app strongly influences you, then you can try your best to launch an app like Instagram. Here, you will find some important features to include in your Instagram clone.

The Must-have features of an Instagram clone app

Home screen

The home screen is where the users can find all the posts and feeds shared by people in their following list.

Profile creation

Upon downloading the app, the users can create their profiles by adding their photos. They can also give a bio about themselves. This will let others know about them before sending the following request.

Search option

The advanced search option allows the users to search various accounts or feeds featured in the app. By entering their keywords in the search option, they will see the top results out of it.

Uploading photos and videos

The app should allow users to upload their photos and videos from their libraries. While the users upload their media, ask them if they would like to make their post public or visible only to the selected profiles.

Activity log

The Instagram clone will list the mutual list friends in the app to give them follow requests. And if someone from their Facebook friend list has joined the app, they can see them in the app.

Summing up,

Social media apps will always have a warm response from people. Even in recent days, the Clubhouse app has gained huge recognition from people. So, there is still scope for you to entertain people with your** Instagram clone**. Then Appdupe will be your one-stop solution for developing your Instagram clone app. Visit our website for more insights.

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How To Develop A Social Media App Solution With Instagram Clone?

The craze for social media among people is increasing day by day and it is resulting in many positive changes in the social media app market. Social media apps are getting better day by day in order to maintain their position in the market. Although this business segment is very competitive, it allows new companies into the segment. Many newly emerging companies are entering into this business segment by trusting the functionality of their applications.

If you are thinking about entering this business segment, you should probably consider proceeding with economic alternatives as to the competition and the cost of building an app from scratch are very high. If you are new to business and planning for small-scale business activity, then the best choice that would be available to you will be Clone applications.

Instagram Clone app is a readily available version in the market that can be further customized and launched in the market. Such applications are white-labeled and are very much legal to use. Instagram clone app comes with loaded features which include the already existing and extra added features. Few of the extra added features are mentioned below,

Quick Sign in / Sign up
Personalized news feed
Photo and video editing
Audio and video calling
Real-time chat
Live Streaming
Block or report users
Upload pictures / videos

And many more, such types of clone applications are worth every penny spent on it and it is the safest way to enter the market. Find an app developing company and get your own Instagram Clone app developed and join this social media apps market and prompt your existence to the people.

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Instagram Clone | Instagram Clone App Development | App-like Instagram

People love to be a user on social media platforms as it is part of a trend in this era. Thus developing an app like Instagram would be much beneficial for users and a huge success for entrepreneurs as the revenue of this app would reach heights. Our solution is pre-packed with all functionality, features, and premium versions. So why wait, call to know more about this app!

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Mobile App Development Services | Android App Development

First DigiAdd is the Best Mobile App Development Service provider. The application has almost taken control of the workspace to use the Internet. Mobile is a must for all people at this time. In this 21st century. Our team develops a unique and fully located portable application that can be easily operated by anyone.

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Experience the benefits of updated features with a newly developed Instagram clone app

The use of developing mobile apps has increased and used in all industries. The recent technology has incorporated majorly in social media, and it has made communication easier and changed the way people used to have conversations with each other.

One can easily engage with worldwide irrespective of any language, region, and time-variations. Social media apps like Instagram make communication much more comfortable with the help of the internet.

The day doesn’t end without using an app like Instagram. It made a massive impact on every individual’s life, specifically teenagers, youngsters, and self-made business people and entrepreneurs.

What could be the actual reason for it to be liked and used widely? And the truth is Instagram has almost a billion users worldwide.

Business success or developing an Instagram clone app is not just downloading once and uninstalling later but retaining users and keeping the app updated with the current technology.


Instagram is a social media application developed mainly for photo-sharing, but the app has crossed beyond what they tend to be with time. It is more than just regular photo sharing, facilitating users to start a business and generate customers and revenue. The above mentioned is just an example. Instagram does more than that.

Let’s have a quick look at the reasons for its fame. The reasons are,

  • It is more than the regular text messages and chats.
  • The app is loaded with entertainment and useful information.
  • Replacing and override news and television
  • Helping to have potential customers generating revenue for business users.
  • Easy accessibility
  • Outstanding filters and various features are added for editing photos.
  • Paves the way for personal and business branding and be known to others

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